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Letter of Br. Mauro Jöhri, General Minister

1Two days seminar for the staff : Vimukti Pothnal
On 21st and 22nd October 2016, 17 Vimukti staff participated in a seminar conducted by Mr. Anthony CWC member Bagalkot at Vimukti premises. The two days training consisted of input sessions on analysis of social political context and challenges that we face in present day society, importance of vision and focus, towards qualities of leadership to know the rights and schemes given by the government, tips for planning, monitoring evaluation and documentation, SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), group work and many other relevant topics were discussed in the seminar. At the end of the seminar they made an action plan to improve the quality of effective social workers.
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Anugraha, Bidar: News from near and far
From 15th to 21st, October 2016 Bharat Scouts and Guides conducted the Basic Training program at Gurukula School, Kardiyal. Three teachers from Anugraha School participated in the program. On the concluding day on 21st there was an inter-religious meet and sharing of faith with a beautiful prayer service. Fr. Richard, the principal of Anugraha School, Halbarga was invited to speak on spiritual values of Christ and pray amidst many eminent spiritual leaders and other secular leaders. The entire hall was filled with the vibration of love and service as every religious leader spoke on the same topic highlighting the service of St. Mother Teresa of Culcatta.

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Case study : A ray of hope visualized - Amidst social evil structure
Sunanda is from Markamdinni village of Manvi Taluka in Raichur District became a victim of child marriage. She was from an economically backward family. Sunanda shared the troubles she underwent by being married at a tender age. Her family’s economic condition compelled Sunanda to migrate to neighbouring town to earn a living as a domestic worker, though she was very much interested to go to school had to discontinue her primary schooling. She pleaded her parents to allow her to continue studies but parents didn’t heed to her request. She worked hard to fulfill the needs of the family. One fine evening her parents decided to give her in marriage to Santhosh her cousin brother who was 17 years of age.
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Distribution of study desks to sponsored children  : Vimukti Pothnal
On 13th October Vimukti Charitable Trust® distributed study desks to all school going sponsored children. Some Schools in Raichur could be facing worse situation where we can’t even expect, very basic amenities like a writing-table, and chair to sit, and in where children end up sitting on dusty floors all the day long. None of us bear the consequences except these children, who sit in a bad posture, constantly lose their eyesight, and have bad handwriting and least form quality education. Vimukti, that works for the children recognize such situation and try hard through innovative way to help the blooming buds which is simply nothing more than an invention driven through determination. The Vimukti came up with an idea of providing portable Study tables and that too in a most economical and efficient manner.
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Go like Abraham… Mission Sunday – Saccidananda

Saccidananda family came together to celebrate the ‘Mission Sunday’ along with the faithful from the vicinity. Fr Provincial presided over the Holy Eucharist and Deacon Rosario Colaco broke the Word of God explaining the significance of the Church’s Mission and our role in the same. Post Eucharist, an auction was organized in the dining hall. Variety of things donated by the faithful were auctioned to raise funds as a contribution to the Mission. A handsome sum of money indicated our concern towards the Mission of the universal Church.
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Another year is dawning… Birthday Celebration of Fr Provincial-Saccidananda

A new day and a new year dawned in the life of Rev. Fr Provincial as he stepped into the fifty seventh year of his grace filled life. Saccidananda family made it a point to make this occasion a memorable one. The community wished Fr Provincial in the morning with a beautiful plant symbolizing life, beauty and growth. A well conducted prayer service by Fr Deepak Fernandes added celestial glow to the evening and a sweet wishing programme along with the guest friars, sisters and family members of Fr Provincial multiplied the smiles. Rev. Fr Charles JR Furtado took us for a stroll back in the memory lane as had the honor of proposing the toast as Fr Provincial happens to be his companion. A sumptuous spread was set by our kitchen staff Ms Mable and Ms Lucy with added French flavor by Rev. Fr Santa Lopes.
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Case Study : Vimukti gave me timely support to purchase water pump for farming
I am Pampanna, the son of Basanna, resident of Udbal Village of Manvi Taluk. I have been farming since many years and thus farming I support and take care of my family. Daily life has been hard and I am trying my best to sustain it through all my efforts in the fields. My cultivating land is near the river. Though there is water it has been difficult to divert that water to our fields. We use motor to pump the water to the fields.  One day I met Mr. Charlie who is the staff member of the Vimukti Charitable Trust. I had heard that he helps the famers in various ways to get some benefits with regard to cultivation of the land. Therefore I spent some time with him explaining the problem that I faced being a farmer. I spoke about the need of a new motor pump set.
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Anugraha Ashram : St. Francis of Assisi Feast
On 13th of October, 2016, St. Francis of Assisi feast was celebrated in a very grand scale at Anugraha Ashram, Halbarga, Bidar. The VG of the Diocese Rev. Fr. Stanly Lobo presided over the celebration. Fr. Balraj the brother of Fr. Prashanth, parish priest of Halbarga was the preacher at the solemn mass. There were many priest and nuns from around who witnessed the celebration. Everyone experienced the grace of God. The parish devotees were spiritually nourished. The celebration began as Rev. Fr. Deepak OFM Cap blessed the statue of St. Francis for the solemn procession into the Halbarga city. Though there were less devotees at the beginning of the procession all the priests and nuns joined the procession accompanied by VG of the Diocese.

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Fraternity day at New York

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Anugraha School: Renewal Program
The School stands first in Bidar district because of the scouts and guides activities: the specialty of Anugraha School is that every child and every staff in the school is in scouts and guides. In this venture, I must mention one name i.e. Very Rev. Bro. Victor Crasta, the previous principal whose personal interest and encouragement the school stands head high in whole of Bidar district. Today the new principal of the School Fr. Richard has continued the same spirit with much enthusiasm that every child entering here becomes a scout and guide by nature of the school. On 8th of October, 2016 the Anugraha School witnessed one of the major steps in the Scouts and Guides movement. There was a “Chaitanya Shibira”, that is renewal camp for all the students and staff. The eminent personalities of the District Scouts and Guides Bidar, presided over for one day basic camp.

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The ripples of joy of the celebration of the feast of St Francis continued in the yards of Saccidananda as the faithful from the neighborhood joined us to thank God for our Seraphic Father. A solemn concelebrated Eucharist was presided over by Rev. Fr Charles JR Furtado, the Mission Secretary of the Province, who also instructed the faithful about the importance of the occasion. The Guardian Rev. Fr Robin Victor thanked the gathering and those rendered their time and services to make the feast a grand one.
Thereafter, a tasty breakfast was served to all the guests.

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With immense joy and gratitude in our hearts we the Darshanites celebrated the solemnity of our Seraphic father St. Francis of Assisi, on 4th October 2016 at our DSA chapel. The atmosphere was dazzling with the presence of our Capuchin friars, Parish Priests, Sisters, Brothers from various communities along with some of our Benefactors and well-wishers. Rev. Fr. Bonaventure from the diocese of Karwar, presently at spiritual director at St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute, Bangalore presided over the solemn festal eucharist. In his scintillating homily, we were all urged to reflect and radiate the life of St. Francis of Assisi. We are called to transfigure ourselves into the image and likeness of God through the spirit and example of our seraphic father.

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At Darshan Institute of Theology
“Francis poor and humble enters heaven rich’’

The first year brothers at DITh along with the help of senior brothers enacted the last moments of our founder and patron St. Francis of Assisi in a prayerful mood and a recollected spirit. We were blessed and honored to have amidst us brothers, sisters, friars from neighboring communities along with members of the O.F.S and lay faithful at D.S.A Bhavan to take part in the Transitus ceremony. Deacon Jason Pais proclaimed the Word of God and preached an inspiring homily on the practical application of Mercy in our day today life. The ceremony concluded with the entire audience, with lighted candles moving in procession towards the relic of St. Francis for final blessing.
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Feast of St. Francis of Assisi at Venafro, Italy
As soon as Br. J.B. Sequeira re-entered the Venafro friary after his two months long holidays in India, he had the immediate task of organizing the feast of St. Francis, because of the absence of the Guardian. However, the people of the place gave a helping hand in every way and made the celebration an extraordinary one. The civil authorities - the Mayor and the Captain of the Police, the Chancellor of the Diocese and the priests were present for the festal lunch along with our benefactors and friends. The total number of guests was around forty. The solemn Eucharistic celebration was held in the evening, after which the SFO and the GIFRA hosted a modest pizza party to all participants.
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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration at Trinity Central School
The school celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd Oct. The celebration began with listening to a speech on the life of Gandhiji. As the choir sang the favourite Bhajan of Gandhi ‘Raghupathi Raghava, the administrator of the school Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh honoured the Father of Nation by garlanding the portrait of Gandhi. Thereafter the assembly was dispersed.
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The 3rd of October is, without a doubt, significant day for all the Franciscans as we fondly commemorate and re-live the great event of ‘Transitus’ or the ‘Passing away of St Francis of Assisi from earthly life to eternal bliss’. This very event was celebrated at Saccidananda by a meaningful ceremony conducted by the friars on the festal eve. Rev. Fr Robin Victor, the Superior presided over the rite and Rev. Fr Charles JR Furtado preached an inspiring homily apt for the occasion. It was for the first time that the faithful from the neighborhood participated in the ceremony of Transitus and were edified by the way St Francis lived and joyfully embraced ‘Sister Death’
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Birthday Celebrations at Saccidananda
We the community of Saccidananda celebrated the preponed birthday celebration of Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes, Treasurer of the Province on the 02nd of October at Saccidananda though his birthday falls on the 03rd of October. Guardian Fr. Robin V. D’osuza during the lunch lauded the service of Fr. Vijesh to the house and to the Province at large, for his enery and patience in visiting the houses and putting the accounts in order and doing the correspondences between the Provincial Minister and the Friars of the Province. Then he was called upon to cut the birthday cake followed by the sumptuous lunch. All the friars of the Saccidananda were present along with Mr. Rajesh Menezes & Mrs. Jenifer Menezes, brother and sister-in-law of Fr. Vijesh.
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Anugraha School: “War on Uncleanness”
Mahatma Gandhi said, “We can no more gain God’s blessing with an unclean body than with an unclean mind. A clean body cannot reside in an unclean city”. Therefore, it is better to clean the city and specially the surrounding of our dwelling in order to create an atmosphere to live healthy life. This was shown to the Halbarga village by very example on Oct 2nd as Anugraha School celebrated the Gandhi Jayanthi. The Scouts and Guides students of Anugraha School walked the streets and collected the dirt that was on the road, streets, beside shops, every nook and corner of the city. The students collected mainly the plastic and papers. Indeed it was an eye opener for all people of Halbarga. The program began with garlanding the picture of Mahatma Gandhi at School the premises.

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Anugraha school : Teaches everything to educate the children
It's an honour to say that Anugraha school teaches everything to educate a child. The all round growth of the child is the primary aim of the school. Therefore, it caters to the needs of the students according to the present time. The principal, Fr. Richard and the staff are just on their toes to meet the requirements of a responsible citizen. Because the future of the nation is formed in the four walls of Anugraha school here in Bidar. To tap this energy in the students we have academic and co-curricular activities. These activities are well planned and implemented in due time that the child may benefit the maximum. On 28th September we began the Mid-term Examinations in the school. The students were well prepared for the examinations in different ways. They were given complete revision of the portion, loud reading, silent reading, brainstorming, group activities, individual activities, asking questions and answers by the teacher etc.

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Strengthening of Children Parliaments and clubs  : Vimukti Pothnal
The Organization has constantly formed children Parliaments and clubs to improve the capacity of the functioning of the children. Staff members of the Organization constantly keeps visiting the children clubs and organizes various programmes like training on child rights, leadership, personality development camps, summer camps, adolescent camps and exposure visits to Government departments. For upcoming months there are certain plans to work on the themes of awareness on cleanliness, rights and responsibilities of children and public issues. These types of works will help the children to improve their knowledge. Once in a week the children Parliament and club members come together for an evaluation and discussion.
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Singing Competition @ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore
“Life is a song of praise to God. Music is the strongest form of Magic. Live in such a way that others hear your worship. Sometimes the song does not make us emotional. It’s the people and things that come to our mind when we hear it.” With this resonance Darshanites got into the competition mood. The Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza introduced and thanked he honourable jury Mr. Alexander Pais and Mr. Anthony Bhaskar, who in turn appreciated the potentialities and the talents of the young generation. If young hearts make up their minds they can move the mountains, said the Jury. Twenty solo singers and seven musical bands rocked the stage and sent the vibes of melodious music all around. Co-ordination and co-operation charmed the competition with a magical symphony!
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OFS Spiritual Animation:
In view of the ‘Year of Mercy’, the OFS of Udupi had a spiritual preparation combined with the pilgrimage to holy shrine, retreat and reflections on ‘Amoris Laetitia’ and ‘Laudato Si’. The OFS members from Shirva and Karkal region gathered together in St. Lawrence Minor Basilica on 12th September’2016 for a day of Recollection and Reflection, there were about 180 mebers participated in the programme; The OFS members form Kundapur Region gathered together in Holy Rosary Church, Kundapur on 16th September, there were about 150 members gathered and The OFS members of Kalianpur & Udupi Region gathered together in Stella Maris Church, Kalmadi on 17th September, 2016 and there were about 350 members gathered.
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Pratibha Karanji: Anugraha school, Bidar
Talents can never be hidden rather they are to be exposed to the world the glory of God. What we are is the gift of God and what we become is our gift to Almighty God. The tiny tots of Anugraha performed so well that secured 10 first prizes in the cluster level. On this day on 26-09-2016 they were honoured with prizes by the principal, Fr. Richard and staff. We wish the all the success in the coming competitions at Taluk and District level.

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Malkapur children parliament members Celebrate Teachers Day with fervor
As it is rightly said that, “A teacher is the heart of educational system”, we the Vimukti children parliament members from Malkapur had decided to honour all the teachers of our school by celebrating teachers day on 17th September, by rescheduling it for a convenient day. All the teachers were present and graced with their presence this gathering in spite of their busy schedule. All the motivational words we used to encourage them and they were very glad that we have come up with this idea of celebrate a day in honour of them. As a token of our love and gratitude we had made them cut the cakes and had offered them small gifts as a sign of love and gratitude from the children parliament side. The local people’s presence added colour to the success of this celebration.
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Parent-Teacher Meet @ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore
“Matha, Pitha, Guru, Daiva” meaing Mother, Father, Teacher and God denote the order of Reverence, for they contribute in building and developing the person and personality of every human. Parent-Teacher-Student “rendez-vous” at Darshan College focused on how to build efficient, effective and sustainable relationship with one another and ultimately become agents of growth, progress and success. The Director, Rev. Fr. Alwyn addressed the new family on mentoring and monitoring the wards so that the younger generation is prepared to face the new challenges of life and truly become the able leaders of the nation and of the globe. The Principal, Rev. Fr. George Monis, highlighted on the efforts of the Management to dedicate this year for skill development and employability.
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State Level Cubs and Bulbuls Badge Work Camp : Anugraha School
The state level Cubs and Bulbuls badge work camp was held on 15th September to 17th September in Belagavi. From Anugraha School 6 cubs and 6 bulbuls attended the camp together with two teachers viz., Ms. Geetha and Ms. Sudharani. The camp enabled our teachers and students to go a step higher in this camp. We sincerely thank all the parents for the sending their tiny kids all the way to Belagavi for three days. The trained cubs and bulbuls are sharing their experience to all other students on every Thursday during scouting. The cubs and bulbuls who attended the camp will get the certificate signed by the Governor.

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Release of Fr. J. B. Sequeira’s Book ‘ASSISICHO ARSO’
Fr. J. B. Sequeira who was on his holidays in the province has published a book in Konkani language. It contains a Konkani drama on the life of St. Francis which he had written in 1976 when he was a student of Theology in Kotagiri. It was then the occasion of 750th Death Centenary of St. Francis of Assisi and a need of such a drama was felt in Mangalore, to be the part of the celebrations that were planned for the occasion that time. This drama was further staged a second time, at the same Don Bosco Hall in 1981, on the occasion of the 800th Birth Centenary of St. Francis. Fr. J. B. now got this drama printed in a book form and it was released by Fr. Paul Melwyn, the Provincial councillor.
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“La Cuisine” Cookery Competition @ Darshan College & St. Anthony’s PU College, Kengeri.
“Born to Excel as Global Leaders” true to this motto of the Institution the Management always keeps in mind the all-round development of the students. “La Cuisine” cooking competition paved way for another opportunity to showcase their talents and to ignite the creative and innovative minds. Thirty one teams bubbled with the competitive spirit placed before the Judges liquid & solid dishes for a verdict of superlatives such as excellent, magnificent and the best. The Honourable Jury comprised of Mrs. Veena Serrao (Technology and Business Consultant @ IBM), Mrs. Jaisheela S (Lecturer @ SJB College) Rev. Sr. Immaculate D’Souza (Retired Principal).
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Training on Antenatal care to women : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti organized training on Antenatal care on 10th of September 2016 at Malkapur village with the collaboration of Women and child Welfare office Manvi. The training was done under the guidelines of the new scheme, which provides for improvement in prenatal and maternal health, in the Government hospitals. As per the guidelines issued under the National Health mission (NHM), the ninth of every month would be dedicated to providing treatment to expectant mothers. Ground- level staff such as ASha(Accredited social health Activists) workers should get the details of pregnant women and do a follow up of their treatment.
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Anugraha School: Parents-Teachers Association
On 17th September 2016 there was parent-teacher's meet at Anugraha school Halbarga, Bidar. Fr. Alwyn, the CEB secretary was present for the meet. The entire meeting was on the role of parents n teachers in building the life of the children. Fr. Alwyn said: "Education is a relationship." He highlighted that we as parents n teachers have the responsibility in being connected one another for the all round growth of the students. The principal Fr. Richard Kadiwal brought a beautiful report of the school activities that took place so far. He also mentioned that capuchin existence in Halbarga is only for the growth of that area and he requested the cooperation of the parents in this regard. Fr. Lourdsawmy welcomed all the guests and Fr. Karunesh thanked everyone as proposed the vote of thanks.

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Case Study: True Freedom from Struggle : Vimukti Pothnal
I am Mrs. Neelamma W/o Mr.Monesha, residing in udbal of Manvi Talukam in Raichur, Karnataka. We live a hard life, which is below poverty line. We use fire wood for cooking our daily food. It is routine job for us to go the fields in search of firewood, sticks etc. Now the fields are owned by individuals and there are no much plants and trees where we could collect the wood. In the rainy season it is very difficult to find firewood. During this season at times we had to go empty stomach to bed. The government has some facilities to such people like us. But our illiteracy and ignorance has made us vulnerable to attain them. We only could implore God’s blessing and mercy upon us.
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Greetings from the brothers of Mizoram –Tripura. The main event surpasses all other events of our delegation. This main event was DELEGATION ASSEMBLY where in all the brothers without caring for the long journey i.e. eight to ten hours on the road, took pains to come together to share our sorrows and joys, to pray for each other, to support each one’s vision, to discuss, to collaborate and to walk together. The assembly was held in Sairang. All the brothers arrived on 4th September by 10 pm. Because of the rain and landslides the journeys were horrible. Yet when we reached together there was joy because we met each other after a long time.
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The much awaited assembly of Infant Jesus delegation was conducted from 9th to 11th September, 2016 by Rev. Br. Provincial Joseph Dolphy Pais Ofm.Cap, the Provincial Minister of Holy Trinity Province Karnatatka, and was held at Capuchin House, Dimapur, Nagaland. The assembly began with Solemn Eucharistic celebration, presided over by Rev. Br. Joseph Dolphy Pais and concelebrated by 12 friars of the delegation. Br. Vincent Serrao Cap, the first councilor welcomed the Provincial and friars for the Eucharistic celebration. After the Eucharistic celebration the assembly began at 8.30 a.m with a prayer service conducted by Liturgical committee. Soon after this Br. Mathias Dias delivered a welcome address and thanked the friars for helping him to work for the delegation for the last three years.
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Teacher’s Day Celebration at Trinity Central School
The teacher’s day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Trinity Central School on 07-09/2016. On this occasion Floral arrangement and Wealth out of Waste Competition was organized for the students from grade I to X to develop the inclination of student towards environment. The beautiful floral display depicted the aesthetic sense of children and spread colour in our ambience. It was a day of delight for the teacher to see the talents of their students performing various shows in the afternoon. The students presented series of fun and entertaining events for the teachers.
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Scouts & Guides at Trinity Central School
In order to encourage the scouts and guides to develop the skills of planning, team work and leadership Trinity Central School has organized Hiking at Bharat Scout and guide training centre Pragathi nagar Alevoor. It gave an opportunity for Scouts and guides to explore nature at new place and learn about its flora and fauna. Over all it was a wonderful trip.
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Case Study: Vimukti finds Shri Devi working gets her readmitted to the school
Shri Devi is from Malkapura village in manvi Taluka of Raichur District. Her parents work in the agricultural field. She left studying when she was in 4th standard. She helped her parents in doing the house-hold duties. Whenever she found time she used to attend the evening tuition classes. She is very charming girl in the tuition centre, where she too motivates other children and shows lot of interest in the tuition. After coming to know her family background Mr. Charlie the Vimukti staff often visited her house. One evening he met the parents in her small house where he persuaded to send Devi back to the school.

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Education Conference on Leadership & Management @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Four Capuchin Friars Fr. Godwin, Fr. Anil, Fr. Jaison & Fr. Alwyn had the privilege to participate in the Education Conference on Leadership & Management @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, organised & sponsored by XSEED Foundation. Sixty Priests, Religious and Sisters from Karnataka, Maharastra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu represented the ICSE & CBSE Schools. XSEED Foundation has five step pedagogy: Aim, Action, Analysis, Application, Assessment, which finally leads XSEED to succeed by transforming and building life skills. Applied to the leaders who educate and empower the future generation this process would bring in a change with a difference. To this 'work-culture' the delegates were called upon to exercise their leadership and develop their skills!
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Anugraha School: Dance and Sing to your hearts content
It's not sufficient only academic activities for the all round growth of the students, rather it has to be accompanied with co-curricular activities. Today on 10/09/2016 Anugraha school took a bold step to fulfil this need of the students. Today Anugraha school had "dance and singing competition" to all the students. Rev. Deacon Praveen was present on this occasion to enlighten the staff and students on the importance of co-curricular activities for wholesome growth of the child. He did by teaching action songs and varieties of claps. With this introduction the competition began. Sr. Jothis DSS and Fr. Lourdsawmy OFM Cap were judges. Many parents witnessed the event. The light of Anugraha school is shining bright in the hearts of all the parents n people around. Thanks to God

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Monthi Fest – Saccidananda
On the 08th of September as the Mother Church Celebrates the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, the community of Saccidanand, Capuchin Provincialate of the Holy Trinity Province – Karnatak, along with the faithful celebrated this traditional feast in a very grand scale. The celebration began at 7.00 a.m. in front of the Portico, Guardian Fr. Fr. Robin Victor D’souza, welcomed faithful to honor mother Mary and blessed the new corn. The gathered faithful as token of love and tradition offered the flowers to Mother Mary. After the brief opening ceremony the faithful along with the main celebrant Fr. Santa Lopes proceeded towards the Chapel for the Eucharistic Celebration. The Guardian wished the faithful a happy Feast and also thanked the faithful for their generous contribution towards the flowers, corns and sugarcane.
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Mother Mary birthday celebration at St. Francis of Assisi School, Chikodi
Happy Birthday Mamma Mary
Sweet Mother shining bright
Hold me ever so tight
In your arm and close to your heart
May I never stay apart?
Oh how I love you sweet mother
Your love and grace is no other

St. Francis of Assisi school celebrated Mamma Mary’s birth day .The students of 3rd std depicted the annunciation through the skit followed by melodious singing of Mother Mary song in Kannada inviting every one to honor the goodness of Mother Mary. On this special day the school organized a flower arrangement competition. Flowers are the perfect expression of gratitude and appreciation. Every student from I –IX enthusiastically took part in the competition. It was a beautiful display of creativity and blend of colors.

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Right to Food Campaign through Street-plays : Vimukti Pothnal
After introducing the Right to Food Scheme, its aim and objectives to the appointed 40 local leaders in the 20 pockets, Vimukti itself did the task of educating and enabling the people to gain maximum by the following seven specific schemes through street plays under RTF: Public distribution system(PDS), Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDMS), National Old Age Pension Schems (NOAPS), Annapurna; Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), National Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS), and National family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) etc. It was in view of widening the impact Vimukti with the collaboration of staff organized street plays along with singing awareness songs in the project area.
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Teachers day celebration at St. Francis of Assisi School, Chikodi
Be a candle
Be a light
Be a twinkle
Be a hope
Be an inspiration
A great teacher forever
Teacher day is celebrated at St.Francis of Assisi School to acknowledge and recognize the hard work put in by the teachers towards students development. The teachers were solemnly brought to the hall with a band and showers of flowers. The school Prime Minister Anish X welcomed the gathering with a poetic words followed by escorting the teachers on the stage by the students with a beautiful description which glorified the statue of teachers. The students took great effort and ensured that teachers enjoy every minute.

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Happy Monti Fest : Halbarga Parish, Bidar
We the Fraternity of Anugraha Ashram, Halbarga, Bidar wish you a Happy Feast of Nativity our Mother Mary. We had meaningful celebration here on this day. The school remained close as local holiday. Many of the parish people joined the celebration and partook in the mass and became worthy of God’s blessing. Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Karunesh the Assistant to Parish priest took the initiative to organize this feast for the villagers of Halbarga. He preached an inspiring sermon summarizing all the contribution of Our Mother in the Salvation of humanity. There many Christians from other denominations who were also enlightened on this occasion. Fr. Lourdswamy was the main celebrant who gave high mass and solemnized the celebration. Fr. Richard, the Guardian of the house wished all the people on behalf of the fraternity and Parish priest. The celebration ended with a small meal and tea.

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Teacher’s Day Celebration @ St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College.
“I am a Teacher, I am not a soldier, but I go for war everyday and hold in my hands the most powerful weapon in the world. My army consists of naïve and untainted minds, to whom I offer my battle scars - the gift of knowledge and wisdom, my mentors have taught me before. I train my army not with guns and bombs, but with books which are just as explosive. I am not a doctor, but I treat their wounds, not with bandages and antiseptic, but with words which are just as therapeutic. I have won many battles in my life; I have healed many maimed people. I am a Teacher, and I am proud to be one...” With these feelings the faculty members and the Students of St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College celebrated the Teacher’s Day. The appreciation filled the celebration for it is the teachers who shape future life and destiny. “Such appreciation should not limit only to a day but must continue for days, months and years together” said Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Director. May the teachers as mentors be the wind beneath the student's wings!
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4th Assembly of Christ the King Delegation- Mizoram & Tripura Region

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Rapport with Public : Anugraha Ashram
We the community members of Anugraha Ashram visited our MLA Shree Eshwar Khandre, the minister of Municipal Administration and also Shree Shree Shree Dr. Basavalinga Pattadevaru Hirematha Samstana. It was an awesome day to meet some eminent personalities around our community. As we met the spiritual Guru he enlighten us with his God experience. We also met the MLA. As we met him we introduced ourselves and we wished him all the best for the new ministry as minister of municipal administration by garlanding him.

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“Teachers are the torch bearers of the Gen-next”
Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. It is impossible to imagine our lives without teachers. They are the cornerstone of our future. We can never thank teachers enough for their immense contribution in a student’s life. Teacher's Day is celebrated to show our acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by our teachers towards our development.

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Health check-up camp for sponsor children : Vimukti Pothnal
On 4th September 2016, a health check-up camp was organized for all the sponsored children at Vimukti premises. Our sponsored children who are unaware of the basic knowledge about health and hygiene were gathered in the camp. Mrs. Shantha, the taluka health officer a well known and experienced in her profession, explained at length about the cleanliness of oneself and keeping the surroundings clean and to remain always healthy. Further she gave an eye-opening session on consuming nutritious and hygienic food. Around 45 enrolled children’s general health check-ups were conducted by the Doctor. Especially blood counting and grouping, reference to hospitals, medicines were given to enrolled children. Every child’s height and weight was recorded in the individual children file and later cards were distributed.
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Teacher’s Day: Anugraha School
On 3rd of September, 2016 the Teacher’s Day was celebrated at Anugraha School, Halbarga, Bidar. It was a splendid function, entirely organized by the students of the school. The chief guest for the celebration was Rev. Fr. Prashanth Kumar the Parish Priest of St. Francis of Assisi Church, Halbarga. The celebration began with a prayer to God and honoring the picture of Shree Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the Second prime minister of India, who’s bday is celebrated as the Teacher’s Day. The students made eloquent speeches on the teachers and appreciated all the teachers who worked hard in our school. The principal, Rev. Fr. Richard also spoke that ‘teaching is not a profession but a vocation’ and he invited the school teachers to dedicate for the same cause.

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In order to give wings to expression through immersion into the valley of their thoughts and creativity, Trinity Central School organized the Fancy dress and Dance Competition on 23.08.2016 for all the students. The students came forward and displayed their vibrant costumes. The competition brought an amiable ambience and judges retorted with the applause. It was indeed a mesmerizing event which would be etched in our memory for a very long time.
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QUIZEE 2016-17 @ Trinity Central School
In order to develop the Knowledge and excellence base among the students through healthy and motivating program, Trinity Central School organized Quiz Competition for the students of Grade I to X on 30.08.2016 and 31.08.2016. The mind boggling rounds of the Quiz tested the analytical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students. All rounds were keenly contested by the students with the great enthusiasm and Zeal. Over all it was an enriching and awe – inspiring programme.
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Training On Honoring and Respecting the National Flag : ANUGRAHA SCHOOL, HALBARGA, BIDAR
On 01/09/2016 there was a special training programme on “Honoring and Respecting the National Flag” at Anugraha School, Halbarga, Bidar. The training was conducted by Mr. Bangari from BEO office, Bhalki. It was befitting to have such training programmes to know the value of our National Flag. The training also included a practical session on how to hoist the flag with utmost grandeur and meticulous movements. The teachers and students of Anugraha School benefitted a lot from the training programme.

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Anugraha School, hosted a stage for 22 schools to exhibit their talents as there was Cluster level Pratibha Karanji (Talents Day) on 31/08/2016. As vibrant students swarmed around from many villages the stage was at their disposal to show their unique talents. The program began with invoking the blessings of God as there was Hindu pooja done to experience the good omen. Mr. Linganand, CRP Halbarga cluster worked hard with the staff of Anugraha too see the day successful. Indeed it was a grand success. The Head Masters, teachers and students of other schools who came here witnessed and appreciated the discipline as well as organised situation.

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From misery to comfort in life : Vimukti Pothnal
I am Mr. Lalsab, son of Honurasab, completed my 70 years of life and I live in Karabdinni, Manvi Taluk, of Raichur district. I have two daughters who are already married and settled with their families in the neighboring city. I lost my wife when was at the age of fifty. Now I am single, I do seasonal agricultural coolie work and my earnings somewhat sufficient to lead my daily life. Seven years back I had a polio attack and my leg was infected and due to this I suffered a lot. Now I am very weak and not able to walk or even earn for my life. Secondly I have none to support me at this age. Three years back I came to know about the government scheme for which I could apply and get my pension for my sustainability. But I tried more than fifteen times by going to Taluka office by taking with me the necessary documents for approval; Even then I could not succeed in this regard.
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NSS Unit of Darshan College camps for Clean & Green India at Nagadevanahalli, Kengeri, Bangalore.
Darshan College organised one day NSS Camp for BCA & BBA Students at Nagadevanahalli, Kengeri, Bangalore. “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and undigested all your life. We must have man-making, character-making, life building assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated 5 ideas and made them your life and character, you have more education than any person who has got by heart a whole library.” Swami Vivekananda. Inspired by these words NSS Students went round the streets and boulevards to create awareness on various aspects like: Spread of Dengue and Preventive Measures, Water borne diseases, Health and hygiene, Maintaining ecological balance, Reducing the usage of Plastic.
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70th Independence day celebration @ St. Anthony's School, GG Halli
70th Independence day was Celebrated in St. Anthony's Church School with great joy and spirit of Patriotism. 1800 students along with 72 staff and nearly 500 parents and Christian faithful from St. Anthony's Church were present for the programme. The Corporator (ward no 132) Dr. Raju was the Chief Guest. Fr. Vincent, The Superior of Prem Nivas Friary presided over the programme. flag hoisting, March past, colourful dances and mass exercises were the attraction of the day.
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Training to the local leaders With regard to the Access to various Govt. Schemes : Vimukti Pothnal
On 12th August 2016 a full day training programme was organized for all the local leaders in Vimukti premises. Nearly 40 leaders from 20 villages were present for this training. The aim of this programme was to introduce them the NFSA Government schemes in detail to all the local leaders. In this training, resource person helped the participants to know the schemes like integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Mid-day Meal Schemes (MDMS), Public Distribution System (PDS), Nation Maternity Benefit Scheme (NMBS), National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS),. Sampooran Grameen Rozgar Yogina (SGRY) etc. The knowledge with regard to Right to food workshop & training is helping the staff to work in the villages very efficiently.
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Pope Francis has dedicated this year as a year of Mercy. It was an apt and gracious moment to host a seminar which was a bundle of intellectual and thought provoking event. The Resource person, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lobo, S.J, on 20th August 2016, deeply enumerated and elucidated on the theme Mercy and Justice at Darshan Institute of Theology. Deacon Jason Pais was the M.C for the full seminar. The seminar began with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, imploring Gods choicest blessings, through a bhajan. A warm and cordial welcome was extended to the august assembly by Fr. Albert Lewis, the Dean of Studies. The seminar was attended by the religious men and women from the Kengeri Deanery. We were also privileged to have Jesuits scholastics from Anekal.
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Seminar held for Remedial teachers : Vimukti Pothnal
Life is not all about spectator sport. We cannot just sit back and watch things happen; we need to find a purpose in order to make life meaningful and strive towards achieving that particular purpose. On 7th July, 2016 to rejuvenate the staff and Remedial Teachers after the hot scorching hot summer, a very enriching and motivating seminar was conducted after re-opening of the school. This seminar proved to be a wonderful experience for the staff and the teachers as they learnt that “a sincere, balanced and kind attitude towards our-selves and others is a key to happiness and success in all life’s ventures”.
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Punahschetana @ Trinity Central School
To energize and revitalize the scout & guide teachers a one day workshop on the Basic training course of Scout masters and the Guide captains, “Punahschetana” was held in Trinity campus on 12/08/2016 Friday. Scout / Guide masters of nearly 8 schools of Udupi attended the workshop which was conducted very beautifully by the Scout Masters of Udupi District Mr. Anand Adiga, Mr. Kogga Ganiga, Mr. Suman Shekar, Mr. Nithin K.M, Mr. Umesh Kalianpur and Mr. Salodar Crasta.
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Raksha Bandhan Celebration at St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi
Rakhi is the combination of five meaningful words
R- Rock strong relationship
A- Acceptance all along
K- Kindness to the core
H- Heartwarming presence
I-Idealistic relationship
St. Francis of Assisi School celebrated Raksha Bandhan on 18th of August 2016. The Prime Minister of the school Anish from class X gave a mind-blowing and informative speech which evolved around the history of the festival Raksha Bhandan. Every student gathered on the school ground according to class wise and celebrated with a ritual by making arathi and tying Rakhi strengthening the bond of love between brothers and sisters.

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Celebration of Freedom at Anugraha School, Bidar
It was an auspicious day as the sun rose on 15th of August, the tiny tots of Anugraha School gathered around the School premises to celebrate the pride of India i.e. the Independence Day. The flag hoisting was done by Mr. Linganand, the CRP Halbarga Cluster, Bidar. He received the solute and thereupon he hoisted the flag. The stage was decorated by the eminent personalities viz, Mr. Linganand, CRP Halbarga, Fr. Richard Kadiwal OFM Cap, principal of the school, Fr. Lourdswamy, Sr. Preshitha Superior of Sneha Sadan Convent, and Sr. Jyothis. The children celebrated the Freedom of India through their inspiring speeches, mono act, pyramid and dances. Moreover the cream of the program of was a beautiful speech by Mr. Linganand and Fr. Richard the Principal.

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Vanamahotsava @ Anugraha School, Halbarga - Bidar
Vanamahotsava celebration at Anugraha school. The celebration reminded that everyone is responsible for the growth of green to save humanity. All children were given meaningful awareness about environment and how to keep environment clean by growing trees. each class was entrusted with a plant to grow and take care of it the entire year, at the end of the year the principal, Fr. Richard would inspect and reward the students and teachers. indeed it was a spendid step that anugraha school students have taken.

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70th Independence day celebration at St. Francis of Assisi School, Chikodi
“Reform, Perform and Transform” - Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
St. Francis of Assisi school celebrated 70th Independence Day on August 15, 2016. The chief guest of the day was Sanjay Rodrigues, Manager for delivery payment and remintences with the Hong Kong and Sangai banking and finance. “The independence and freedom can only exist in doing what’s right”. The ceremony started at 8.30 am in the school open ground. The supreme commander Rajangouda Patil of class VIII escorted the chief guest to the flag port to hoist the flag. The chief guest unfurled the tricolor flag and all in unison sang the national anthem and expressed the joy of freedom.

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Let’s Salute the Nation @ Trinity Central School
The 70th Independence Day of our country was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Trinity Central School. The chief guest of the day Mr. Srinivas Rao unfurled the tricolor flag and all gathered sang the national anthem in unison and expressed the joy of our freedom. After which the chief guest Mr. Srinivasa Rao reiterated the message of patriotism in his address to the children. The talented & budding artists of our school put forward various cultural events like dance, singing, mime show highlighting the significance of the day. The events were much appreciated by all. The programme concluded with the Vote of thanks proposed by Ankith of grade VIII. At the end sweets were distributed to all.
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Jubilee is a time to blow the trumpet of the marvelous works, that the good God has done in our life. It was a day of great pomp and joy for the brothers of Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka, as the Provincial Minister, Rev Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, celebrated his Silver Jubilee of priestly Ordination on 15th August 2016 at Deena Seva Ashram along with his family, near and dear ones from far and near. Many Capuchin Priests and Religious sisters graced the occasion by their presence. It was a special feeling to be the part of this gracious event. Solemn Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by the Jubilarian, Rev, Fr Dolphy Pais at 6:00 pm and a scintillating sermon with great exaltation was preached by Fr. Anil Sequiera.
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Independence Day Celebration @ St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
The 70th Independence Day was celebrated remembering the sacrifice of our martyrs and honouring the service of our national leaders. Following the invocation and welcome, the tricolour National flag was hoisted. The students displayed their patriotic fervour through their thematic dances, songs and skits upholding the rich legacy and heritage of Bharat Matha. The student representatives Ms Nishmitha and Ms Preethi paid tribute to the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for our country. The Director, Rev Fr. Alwyn Dias, called upon the students to remember, to live, to practice and to proclaim the four pillars on which true freedom and spirit of One India is built upon : “Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.” May the plurality and diversity of our country reign to built unity of Incredible India!
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Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the word....
Pride in our souls....
Let’s salute the nation on this auspicious day.
The 70th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at infant Jesus School, Chikmagalur. The ceremony began at 8.30am in the school open ground with large crowd of staff, students and parents. The flag hoisting ceremony was performed by the principal Fr.Godwin, who highlighted the importance of the day and urged the students to remember the sacrifices of the patriots and martyrs who laid down their lives in the freedom struggle. Fr. Rayappa Deepak, Chief guest, urged the students to become responsible citizens and prepare themselves to serve the nation as good leaders.

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St. John Mary Vianney Parish Nehru Nagar Bhopal.
14.8.2016 was indeed a great day for the people of God of St. John Mary Vianney Parish Nehru Nagar Bhopal. We celebrated the feast of our Patron Saint St. John Mary Vianney. The Holy Eucharist began 10.30 am. Celebrated by Fr. Rayan S.V.D. Dean of Studies of  Ashta Seminary, and concelebrated by Fr. Stany, Fr. William Capuchin from Itarsi, and Fr. Wilson Capuchin. There was a melodious choir led by the youth of the parish, and the church decoration by the youth of the parish, as well as the altar decoration. All the faithful participated well in the Eucharistic celebration. Fr. Rayan delivered a beautiful sermon on the word of God. At the end the Parish Priest Fr. Preetham Capuchin thanked all the faithful and wished them a happy feast. At the end all were served with sumptuous meal.
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Friendship day celebration at St. Francis of Assisi School, Chikodi
Friendship is not history to forget
Friendship is not Maths to calculate
Friendship is not English to learn
It is just only “chemical Locha”
Don’t try to understand it, just enjoy it.

St. Francis of Assisi School celebrated friendship day on 7th of August .The Squad Assisi Mughal conducted a assembly with a beautiful skit on a theme “good friend never denies when there is a great need even ready to give life for the sake of friend’’. Oh what a thought provoking message and awesome performance. The joyful moment was sharing of gifts and tying of friendship band with one another.

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Be Skilled, Be Professionals! St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore, gears up to equip students with skills for employability.
“Work hard in silence. Let your success be your voice. Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts...” With these motivational words, Anthonians were called upon to focus high so that they may reach the sky. Mr. George V. Crasta, C.A., representing The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Mr. Ravi Shanker representing Institute of Tally Learning were the Resource Persons. Mr. George gave an overview about the dedication, focus and attention a student needs to have for clearing the CPT, IPCC, ICWA exams and also advised about the futuristic advantages one will reap after completing the CA successfully.
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Awareness programme on the Right to consume clean water and for sanitation : Vimukti Pothnal
Hundreds of people across 120 villages of Manvi taluka are consuming contaminated water of the deadly toxic chemical, and arsenic. However, in the absence of alternative sources of water, people in these villages are forced to use the polluted with fluoride and arsenic content water. After knowing the real struggles of people in this area, Vimukti made a survey to know the water quality as how far it is portable to drink. The analyses of ground water samples of the Taluka revealed that the ground water quality is generally found that it is not portable. It is only suitable for irrigation purposes and cultivation. Groundwater in major parts of Taluka contains fluoride.
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The meeting for guardians, Parish Priests & treasurers
The meeting for Superiors, Parish Priest & Treasurers was held on the 06th of August noon till 07th evening at Shanthi Sadhana (FISI), Bangalore.

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The Annual Retreat for Superiors/Parish Priest/Rectors/Directors
The Annual Retreat for Superiors/Parish Priest/Rectors/Directors was held from 1st to 06th of August at Shanthi Sadhana (FISI) Bangalore. The Retreat began on the 1st noon with the introductory talk and the Preacher Fr Anil Dev of Matridham Ashram, Varanasi, a priest belong to the Indian Missionary Society in Varanasi in U.P., initiated the retreatants to be Transfigured, fruit bearing and committed in our Religious way of life, to bring change first in oneself. There were 49 participants from different houses who made their annual retreat.
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Feast Of Portiuncula at St Ann's Friary
St Ann’s Friary was soaked in the festal cheer on 02 August 2016, as we celebrated the feast of our Lady of Angles- Portiuncula. The solemn Eucharist in the evening was presided over by Most Rev. Dr Aloysius Paul dsouza, the Bishop of the Mangalore Diocese and was concelebrated by a good number of guest priests from near and far along with the Superior Fr Melwyn and all the community members. The Eucharistic Celebration was further embellished by the meaningful homily by Fr Chethan, Capuchin who through his preaching helped us to recall our childhood days that were spent on the bosom of our mothers.
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Foundation Stone for the New College Building @ St. Anthony’s PU College & Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
St. Anthony’s Institution takes a “Giant Step” to grow and to expand by laying the Foundation Stone for the New College Building-Science Block. The Programme began with prayerful whispering words “God surely listens, understands and knows the hopes and fears we keep in our heart. He says yes and gives what we want. He says no and gives us something better. He says wait and gives us the best.” Almighty God, We acknowledge our dependence on Thee and we beg Thy blessings upon all of us to strengthen us to accomplish our responsibilities faithfully.
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Joyful Birthday Celebration, Venafro, Italy
This time the birthday celebration of Br. J. B. Sequeira, on 27th July, at Venafro Friary in Italy, had a special joyful note. Bros. Denis Lobo and Jossy Fernandes who are also the pastoral collaborators in the Foggia province, were present for lunch. Br. Joel Lopez , who is residing for a month at the Capuchin Friary in Campobasso for the practice of Italian language, added his youthful delight to the event by his presence. Friars Antonello, the Superior, and Franco Gitto had been bountiful in arranging everything for our contentment. 
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Faculty Development Programme @ St. Anthony’s & Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore
Frederick Winslow Taylor, in his Book Principles of Scientific Management speaks of “Development of each and every person to his greatest efficiency and prosperity”. True to this, efficiency of any organisation depends largely on personnel competencies or development of every individual who is the part of the organisation. St. Anthony’s & Darshan College in line with this principle of F. W. Taylor organised Faculty Development Programme facilitated by the two well known personalities in the world of training and development, Mr. L. Selvam George, Chairman and Prime Servant of 5E Serpraise and Mr. Julius Gough, Servant Director, IT and Sales of Core Providers.
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Construction and Renovation of the Chapels in full swing…
Complete renovation of seven chapels of St. Clare of Assisi Church, Pothnal is in full swing under the supervision of Rev Fr. Anthony Raj the energetic and vibrant Parish Priest. Old structures have been few partially and few completely demolished with the help of local people. After the release of the aid of government funds we have begun the renovation work. It is really challenging to build-up anything in these places. Financial inadequacy, rocky grounds, extreme weather conditions and remoteness of place from one to another are some of the challenges that we presently face to take up any project in these areas.
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CULTURAL COMPETITION @ Trinity Central School
The Nurture & promote the hidden talents of the pupil, the school conducted singing mono act and mimicry competition on 15th July 2016. The competition helped the pupil to come forward with various ideas and skills. All our young maestros who took part in the competition a great success. The winners were appreciated by the judges.

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Swacch Bharat Abhiyan @ Trinity Central School
To promote Swacch Bharat ABhiyan the scout and guides members of the school took lead in cleaning the surrounding a campus with guidance of scouts and guides masters. This act and initiative helped the students to be the defenders of the earth and instilled in them a sense of belongingness.

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Ramzan Celebration at St.Francis of Assisi School,Chikodi
“As the crescent moon is sighted, and the holy month of Ramadan begins. May Allah bless you with happiness and grace your home with warmth and peace”.
St. Francis of Assisi school celebrated Ramadan Mubarak on 20th of July. The event began with a prayer song Noor wala aya hai, noor lay ker aya hai followed by speech regard to Ramazan. It is more of just not eating and drinking, but it is a time to purify the soul, focus attention towards God, and practice self discipline and sacrifice. The chief guests of the day were Moulana Mh Gouse and Jaffer Sharif chabanoor. Their eloquent speeches broaden everyone, the knowledge of Ramzan.
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Fundraising workshop held in Bangalore : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti organization participated in the Fundraising workshop held in Bangalore on 25th June 2016. V- Solve organization of Bangalore organized the training programme. Sufficient inputs were given on various modern fund raising tools and techniques, strategies and methods and as on how to raise the funds from individual donors, Business Corporations through Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) through fund raising events, proposal writing, through ECS, Tele-call and Tele-face fundraising and face-to-face fundraising methods were explained in order to raise the funds to run the social institute effectively. Nearly 102 different NGO representatives were present and benefited from this training.
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Vanamahotsava celebration at Anugraha school
Vanamahotsava celebration at Anugraha school. The celebration reminded that everyone is responsible for the growth of green to survive. All children were given meaningful awareness about environment and how to keep environment clean by growing trees.

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Child Marriage was prohibited at HireKotnekal : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimukti animator with the collaboration of CWC officials prevented child marriage which was arranged at Hire Kotnekal. The parents of the girl had planned to give in marriage their 15 year old daughter with the youth who is also hailing from the same village. When the Vimukti animator learned about this he without delay rushed to the family with the help of local police and concerned authority. They collected a written bond from the parents of the girl that they would not marry their daughter until she completes 18 years, the age of marriage. It was the Vimukti animator who persuaded the parents to stop this act through his timely intervention and prudence

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“LITERARIO FEST- 2016” : AICS Litarary Competition @ Trinity Central School
9th July 2016 was a “Red Letter Day” for T.C.S Perampalli as students of more than 45 schools had gathered in the pleasant ambience of Trinitorium. The reson behind such a large gathering was “Literario Fest 2016” Aics Senior Litarary Competition. The competition was inaugurated by the prominent personalities at 9.30 am, following by competitions which were held systematically in various class rooms. Altogether there were 6 competitions namely Spell Bee, Extempore, Elocution, Creative Writing, Picture Writing, & Poster Making. Nearly 300 students participated enthusiastically in all the competition giving their best performance. The competition came to an end with valedictory and prize distribution ceremony at 3.30pm. The participating schools were full of appreciation to the last school for the reticular plan and well organized execution.
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Parents Orientation & Topper’s Felicitation Programme @ St. Anthony’s PU College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
“Children are parent’s stars, only through education one can participate in the process of development & growth, thus become the shining stars in the society.” St. Anthony’s P.U. College conducted the first Parents Orientation Programme to brief about the Institution, the Faculty and to set goals sky high. It is a year of great celebration and proud moment for the Anthonians as the Institute secured 91% result with 15 distinctions and centum in Kannada and Economics in II P.U. Public Examination and we cherished this moment with all the parents.
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CEB Meeting : 17 July 2016 : Saccidananda, Bangalore
The first meeting of the academic year 2016-17 was held in Saccidananda, represented by all the Principals, treasurers and the Guardians of the communities which are actively involved in the educational ministry. Rev. Fr Joseph Dolphy Pais, the Provincial Minister along with Rev. Fr John Alwyn Dias, the Executive Secretary and the councilors steered the deliberations on various issues concerning the school management. The meeting lasted a full day and the members if the Capuchin Education Board did carry a load of insights home for a smarter and efficient performance in their respective domain with a pledge to bring our institutions to greater heights.
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Assembly of the St. Pio Delegation Sri Lanka
The third assembly of the St. Pio Delegation, Sri Lanka took place in St. Pio Friary the Novitiate house Mawila from 7th to 9th of July 2016. The SSEMBLY WAS ATTEND by Br. Dolphy Pais the Provincial Minister of the Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, Br. Vincent Furtado the Provincial Delegate and other members of the delegation viz., Brs. Malcolm, Jeevan, Arun, Ivan, Frolic, Nishshanka and Rukman. Brs Malcom and Jeevan were members of the drafting committee and also Brs. Frolic and Rukman were minuting secretaries. Various topics concerning the life and formation of the brothers were discussed.
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NSS Karnataka Regional Director @ Darshan College, Kengeri, Bangalore.
“Work for a cause, not for applause... Live life to express, not to impress...”
With these words, Dr. Arun Pujar, the NSS Regional Director for Karnataka, under the auspice of Ministry of Youth Affaires and Sports, Government of India, inaugurated the NSS Activities of our Institution. He motivated the students saying NSS activities contribute in forming character, moulding good personalities, imparting values and building the spirit of leadership among the Students. Prof. Dr. Srinivasa, the NSS Director of Bangalore University called upon the students: “small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world, so have a heart, lend a hand, stand out and make a difference.”

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SPELL BEE COMPETITION @ Trinity Central School
Spell bee competition was organized in the school campus on 5th July 2016. Students participated with great enthusiasm trying to spell out the words rightly. This competition was a wonderful learning source for all our students as it helped them in enriching their vocabulary bank.

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Inauguration of taekwondo classes@ Infant Jesus School
On 9th July taekwondo class was inaugurated at Infant Jesus School. Mr. Girish, taekwondo master inaugurated the class by addressing the students about the importance of self-defence in life. He and his team members displayed before the students a few skills of taekwondo. At the end students who participated in the District level taekwondo championship, received certificates from Fr.Godwin, the principal.
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Ramzan celebration @ Infant Jesus School
The Staff and the students of Infant Jesus School celebrated Ramzan on 8th July. Fr. Deepak Rayappa was the chief guest of the program. Prayer song was sung and students read the selected verses from the Quran. Rahila, student of 9th B, gave the brief information about Ramzan. Fr. Deepak spoke about the significance of Ramzan. Students entertained every one through their colourful program with the distribution of sweets the program ended.
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Freshers' Day Celebration @ St. Anthony's PU College, Kengeri, Bangalore
It is said that a good start signifies a great end. The first day of college is the start of a whole new chapter of every person’s life. Freshers have stepped into St. Anthony’s PU college with fresh thoughts, noble aims, high hopes and aspirations. To generate the feeling of fraternity, to create a friendly atmosphere, to encourage their creative impulses to boost their confidence, the super cool seniors organized fresher’s day for the budding juniors.
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The school celebrated Vanamahotsav day on July 1st with great aplomb and enthusiasm; meaningful messages were put all around by our students on the importance of the trees and how they are lifelines for humanity. The chief guest Mr. Neri Cornelio and Mr.Maxim Dsouza PTA President graced the occasion with their hallowed presence. They planted a sapling and watered it followed by other faculty members. Principal Rev.Fr Anil Dcosta encouraged the students to preserve trees by admonishing each student to not only grow but also take care and protect them. The program was a grand success and appreciated by everyone.
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ABACUS SESSION at Trinity Central School
On 25th June 2016, in order to explain the abacus, A half day session was held for the parents of kids who are Learning Abacus by Mr.Guruprasad the Head of Abacus learning. The information regarding abacus and use of the instrument was explained in the session. The parents were of the opinion that it was indeed a informative programme.

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Fresh Beginnings! Inauguration of New Academic Year @ Darshan College, Kengeri.
Darshanites witnessed another fresh brand new day to live with zest, to grow and try to be the highest and the best. We explored the right opportunity to pray for peace, health, and happiness and also for the ultimate success on the auspicious occasion of the inauguration of degree academic year (BBA, B.Com and BCA). The day acknowledged the presence of the Honorable Dignitaries-The Great four prime movers of our Esteemed Institutions- Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Director welcomed and introduced the New Faculty members, Rev. Fr. Roshan Rosario, the Asst-Director congratulated and felicitated the great toppers of PUC, Rev. Fr. George Monis, the Principal welcomed the fresh blooming arrivals with other students to the Darshan “Abode of wisdom” and Rev. Fr. Nitin D’Souza placed before the students an outline of the courses and briefed about Certificate Course Modules.
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Field Extension programme - ‘Shale kade Namma Nade’ : Vimukti Pothnal
A week-long door to door school campaign titled as “shale kade namma nade” (our walk towards the school) was conducted from 25th June 2016 to 29th of June 2016 by Vimukti staff, to motivate first the parents and to admit their children to government schools. All the 26 villages of our project area were covered through this programme. Handbills were distributed in all the habitations within the Panchyats. 328 children were enrolled in different schools and benefitted from this programme.
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St. Francis of Assisi School Conducted an Orientation Programme for Students, Teachers and Parents
St. Francis of Assisi School Conducted an orientation programme for students, teachers and parents. The resource person of these days was Fr.Alwyn D’Silva .He presented the following points, the existence of god, different religion and never give up. The students were chosen from different religion and given chance to share their experience of God in their daily lives. These points enlightened the minds of the students to realize the importance of each religion, to give due respect to the parents and teachers and continue to focus on their goal. Fr. Alwyn D’Silva began an orientation programme for the teachers with following questions. Who is teacher? , who is a good teacher? And how can we develop a better relationship between teacher and students?
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Ordination to Diaconate 2016-17 at DITh
“Believe what you read, teach what you Believe and Practice what you Teach.”
The Diaconal Ordination of our 11 Capuchin brothers, 7 from Karnataka namely Bros Joel Lobo, Michael Menezes, Avil Rosario, Joy Dsouza, Jason Pais, Edwin Dsouza and Jeevan Dsouza and 4 from Goa, namely Bros Jose Dsouza, Alden Faleiro, Rosario Colaco and Ashwin Fernandes was being held at Deena Seva Ashram on June 29, 2016, the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul. His Grace Rev. Fr. Bernard Moras, Arch Bishop of the diocese of Bangalore, ordained our brothers to the Order of diaconate. Fr. Dolphy Pais, the Provincial minister of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka and Fr. Bruno Leitao, the Provincial delegate were present for the same occasion along with many priest from far and near. Parents, relatives and near and dear ones of our brothers were here to share in the joy of our brothers. Angelic choir by the brothers also enhanced the liturgy of the Day.
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Inaugural of School Cabinet at Trinity Central School
The inauguration of the school cabinet for the year 2016-17 was held on 22nd June at 3pm in the Trinitorium by lighting the lamp. The inaugural function began with the prayer song followed by welcome speech from Melanie of grade VII. Our co-ordinator Ms Magdelina Lewis administered the oath to the head girl Deeksha of grade X and head boy Clinton of grade IX along with other cabinet ministers. Our principal Rev. Fr. Anil Dcosta pinned the badges for the office bearers of the parliament and admonished some guidelines.
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Listen to Fr Ben's angelic voice. He's our senior friar at his glorious 85th year of life.

Helpings Hands Are Better Than Praying Lips  : Vimukti Pothnal
Vimutki charitable trust under the banner of ‘Back to School/College,’ distributed uniforms, bags and books to 80 underprivileged children of surrounding villages of Pothnal. Chief Guest Rev Fr. Thomas Assit. Parish Parish Priest gave away the school bags, books, uniforms and stationery to the children in the presence of few dignitaries, parents of the children and the local people. Addressing the occasion, Fr. Thomas said that today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and hence Vimukti aims at reaching those children who are denied of their basic right to education due to incapacity to afford for education.

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Farewell bid for Rev.Fr.Richard Quodros at St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi
It was sad day for an Assisi family to bid a farewell to a former principal Fr. Richie. The farewell event started with a special prayer dance followed by presentation of bouquet by the principal Fr. Jason. The powerful speech given by Seema .C X and Swayam IX were focal points of Fr. Richie’s qualities, capacities and his achievements as being a founder father of St. Francis of Assisi School. Different programmes performed by the students’ added color to the event. The presentation of gifts showed the love of the students and staff. The inspirational speech given by the Fr. Richie encouraged every student to possess good attitude by forgoing the evil by quoting “Darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat “
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International Yoga Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
On June 21st 2016, the trinity secretary and guides with their 4 scouts and guides masters went for a rally at Rajangana of Shri Udupi Krishna Math on the occasion of International Yoga day Mr. Ragavendra Acharya put forword the “ Importance of yoga” in daily life which helped our children to learn about the importance of Yoga.

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Most Holy Trinity Province Feast Day
Saccidananda, the mother home of the Holy Trinity Province was soaked in the festal cheer on 26 June 2016, as we celebrated the feast of the Most Holy Trinity. The solemn Eucharist in the evening was presided over by Most Rev. Dr Bernard Moras, the Arch Bishop of the Bangalore Arch Diocese and was concelebrated by a good number of guest priests from near and far along with Rev. Fr Joseph Dolphy Pais, the Provincial Minister; Rev. Fr Robin Victor D’Souza, the Superior and all the community members.
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General Formation Secretariat, Rome conducted its academic visit of Kripalaya, the Institute of Philosophy and Religion from 19th June to 22nd June, 2016.
The team members were Brs. Charles Alphonse, Jaime Rey, Albert D’ Souza, Christy Vattakuzhy and John Paul.
The purpose of the academic visit was
-To spend quality time with our brothers in the formation centers and experience the fraternal life lived in our formation house.
-Get to know the Formation Programme and its various aspects (Course details, affiliations and collaborations)
-To get to know the details about the presence of the staff members (Number of Staff members and their qualification, Spiritual Director, and other residential staff)
-Verify the academic requirements and infra-structures (Library facilities and other aspects)
-Dialogue with the staff and the students after meeting them personally
-To further encourage them to live our Capuchin Charism and also share about the Ratio preparations.

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Blessing and Inauguration of New School Building (II Phase) : Trinity Central School
The grand inauguration and blessing ceremony of the New School building (II phase) was held on Friday 16th June 2016 at 3.30pm. The Ceremonial welcome was accorded to Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and other dignitaries at the school gate with the school band. The prayer service and blessing of the new school building was animated by the Bishop. Thereafter all the dignitaries proceeded to the main entrance of the building where Rev. Dr. Joseph Dolphy Pais Provincial Minister, Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka, inaugurated the new school building. The stage programme commenced with the Prayer Dance, led by our students.
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Bidding Farewell to our Loving Sponsored Children : Vimukti Pothnal
All good things must come to an end and all good memories must be cherished….
To promote bright future and to bid farewell, on 5th June, 2016 send-off programme was organized at Vimukti centre to our six sponsored children who completed their 18 years and an end of receiving sponsorship support for the future. The Sponsored children namely Madan, Yesuraj, Sonamma, and Renuka were seated at the center of the stage. These five were the senior sponsored children who benefitted for five years under sponsorship project are now eagerly waiting with indignation and anxiety, to leave the portals of Vimukti institution and move forward towards a new world with a better vision.

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St. Anthony’s PU College: Inauguration of the New Academic Year 2016-2017
“Education is the movement from darkness to light”. True to this call, St. Anthony’s PU College inaugurated the new academic year to walk on a renewed path. Invoking God’s blessings, raising the hearts and minds with gratitude for the excellent results, welcoming the young energetic students, extending a warm welcome to the new faculty members, the new academic year paved it’s way forward. Prof. Smitha Jessica Fernandes, an Advocate by Profession, a Judge in the making, was the Chief Guest of the function.
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Scholastic year 2016-17 was inaugurated at Dayalbagh Ashram
Scholastic year 2016-17 was inaugurated at Dayalbagh Ashram, Ujire on 15th June, 2016. Fr. Melwyn Paul D'Souza, the provincial Councillor was the main celebrant for the Holy Eucharist. After the mass during the inaugural programme he extorted every student to pray well, study well and be the BEST in everything.
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Saint Angelo and Padre Pio, Foggia, Italy
The friars of the province of Sant’Angelo and Padre Pio, Foggia, Italy, had a day's summer get together on 15.06.2016, at Rodi Garganico, and the Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee of the three friars, Fr. Marciano Guarino and Fr. Nazario D. G. Vasciarelli, including Fr Charles Furtado, was celebrated. At the Eucharist Fr Charles Furtado was the main celebrant and he preached a homily to the appreciation of one and all. Thereafter each one cut a cake, of course, followed by the lunch befitting the occasion.
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Festal Procession at Capuchin Friary, Venafro, Italy
The annual three days festal celebration of the Patron Saints of the diocese and of the town Venafro culminated with a solemn procession in which the Bishop, Friars, Priests and all the people of the town participated. The relics of the three Patron Saints, Nicandro, Marciano and Daria (Daria was the wife Marciano) were carried with great devotion and pomp. There are the martyrs of the third century. Nicandro and Marciano were soldiers under Roman Empire and were martyred because of their Christian faith. Their graves are preserved in the church of this Capuchin Friary and the church is a Minor Basilica.
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Academic visit from General Formation Secretariat Rome, at Darshan Institute of Theology
The Formation Commission from the General Curia, Rome, consisting of Brs. Charles Alphonse, Jaime Rey, Albert D’Souza and John Paul were here amidst us for the academic visitation of our formation house at Darshan Institute of Theology, from June 14, 2016 to June 18, 2016. The purpose of this visitation as highlighted by the commission was to evaluate the quality of education that is imparted to the brothers in all our major capuchin formation houses.
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Kripalaya Blessings
Kripalaya is the house of grace. We consider it as the fraternity of blessings. We are here to share the news of the latest blessings that Kripalaya received. Kripalaya, the institute of philosophy and religion trains the young minds for better logical thinking, mental discipline, ability for analysis and synthesis, critical reflection on God, World, Man, Society, Religion, Culture etc. The philosophical studies at this stage of formation are also meant to facilitate eventually the efforts of the brothers to live harmoniously their holy vocation among the people of different faith and culture with constant dialogue.
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Craft and Drawing Competition  : Trinity Central School
To bring out the creativity and the artistic talent among the student the art and craft competition was conducted on 9th June 2016. It was a class wise competition. The hidden talent of the students was reflected in their drawing canvas and craftsmanship. The students proved that they not only excel in academic but also shine in exhibiting their skills by creative presentation. The judges were from the Art department. The result of their competition was declared in the morning assembly on 10th June 2016. The winners were congratulated by our Principal and the teachers.
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Seven newly ordained priests from the Holy Trinity Province Karnataka were here at Darshan Institute of Theology to enhance our joy. It was a day to rejoice with them and deepen the bond of our brotherhood. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Darick and concelebrated by Fathers namely Rohan, Elvin, Anil, Brayan, Jawahar and Denis along with the Staff members. The liturgy was introduced by Fr. Jawahar and concluded with vote of thanks by Fr. Anil Kumar. Melodious Choir by our brothers made the liturgy more lively.
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Feast of St. Antony celebrated at Darshan Institute of Theology
In preparation for the feast of St. Anthony we had a triduum at the shrine and the festal mass was presided over by Fr. Lyod Vijesh, the procurator of our Province. Many Capuchin priests from nearby fraternities also joined in the Eucharistic celebration and enhanced our joy. Inspiring Homily was delivered. Large number of Devotees with prayerful devotion and singing with melodious voices added more beauty and cheer to the day. A Small get together was held in our Mini Hall for all the devotes. May St. Anthony bless each one of us with his love and care.
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New printing machine for the Assisi Press in Mangalore
The Assisi Press in Mangalore launched a new printing machine. Fr. Melwyn, the Guardian of St Ann’s Friary conducted a short prayers service, appreciated the Press Manager Fr Maxim and encouraged all the press staff in their future endeavours. On this joyous occasion the friars from St Ann’s Friary were present. The staff and friars were served with tasty refreshment as the mark of celebration.
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Chathurasanas of Yoga : Trinity Central School
Mrs. Manjari brought in concentration and enthusiasm among our students of Grade 6 to 10 through the chathurasanas of Yoga from 02/06/2016 to 03/06/2016. The students gained the importance of Yoga, Yama and Niyam and also the difference between Physical breath and Yogasanas. In a whole it was an enriching programme.

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News Archive

  Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka   

On 8 December 2008 the General Definitory by its Decree Prot. No. 00999/98 constituted and declared established the Most Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka. By the same Decree the General Definitory appointed Br. Vincent Gabriel Furtado as the new Provincial Minister, Br. John Baptist Sequeira as the first Definitor and Provincial Vicar, Br. Patrick Crasta, Edwin Colaco and Rudolf D'Souza as the 2, 3, and 4 Definitors respectively.



Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


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3rd Councilor

Fr. Salvadore Fernandes
4th Councilor


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