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VIII Provincial Chapter of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka
22-04-2019 to 27-04-2019
Fraternal Renewal of Gospel Brotherhood for a Responsible Living

Day One, Monday 22nd April 2019
Prayer Service

The celebration of the VIII Provincial Chapter of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka with “Fraternal Renewal of Gospel Brotherhood for a Responsible Living” as its main theme, commenced at 3.00 pm on Monday, 22nd April 2019, Shanthi Sadhana (FISI), Bangalore.

The Capitulars were gathered in front of the portico of FISI. Br. John Baptist, General Councilor for India, the President of this Chapter, led the procession towards the chapel with the lighted Paschal Candle. The Capitulars offered the lighted candles at the foot of St. Francis of Assisi.

The President invoked God’s Blessings through a prayer to the Holy Trinity. Br. Paul Sumi read a passage from the Holy Constitutions of the Capuchin Friars Minor and gave a brief reflection. All the gathered capitulars prayed the Prayer for the success of the Provincial Chapter following which Peace Prayer of St. Francis was sung. The Prayer service was animated by the liturgical Committee: Br. Paul Sema, Br. Joel Lopes, Br. Joel Jason Lobo and Br. Jason Russell Pais.

Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
The Holy Eucharist was officiated by Most Rev. Dr. Francis Serrao, Bishop of Shimoga Diocese. Br. Patrick Crasta and Br. William Andrade assisted him at the altar. The Bishop in his homily exhorted us to live our Franciscan Charism highlighting the three pillars of our life: Fraternity, Poverty and Minority. Further he highlighted the Gospel brotherhood as lived by St. Francis during his time. He admonished those gathered to shun the evil of pride, egoism and self-centered attitude and foster other centered approach. During the Eucharist we prayed for Br. William Andrade who celebrated the gift of life. After the Communion Prayer, Br. Dolphy Pais, Provincial Minister thanked His Lordship for officiating the Eucharist, for his support and collaboration in the Diocese. The Bishop in his address gave a clarion call to the capitulars saying, “God has already elected the candidate, our responsibility is to discern and find out the person elected”. While appreciating the service of the Friars in his diocese, he requested the future Provincial and his team to render the same support and collaboration. He was then felicitated by the President with shawl and a bouquet.

The Inaugural Session
This session began with the hymn to the Holy Spirit.
Br. Dolphy Pais, Provincial Minister along with Br. John Baptist the General Councilor were present on the dais.
Br. Robin Victor D Souza, the Chapter Secretary, did the roll call of the Capitulars.

Letters of Convocation and Welcome
Br. Robin Victor read out the letter of convocation given by the General Minister Roberto Genuine to convoke the VIII Ordinary Provincial Chapter with delegation to Br. John Baptist to preside over the Chapter in the letter dated 16th November 2018, Protocol No.00745/18. Then he read out the chapter Convocation letter of the Provincial Minister dated 23rd November 2018. Chapter will be held from 22nd April to 27th April 2019 at Shanthi Sadhana FISI.

Provincial Minister welcomed John Baptist, General Councilor for the VIII Provincial Chapter. Br. Alwyn Dias, Vicar Provincial felicitated him with a shawl and a garland and a Mysore peta.

This was followed by Welcoming of Br. Denis Fernandes, the custos of Custody of Japan. Br. Peter Cyprian, Provincial Councilor, felicitated him with a shawl, garland and a Mysore peta.

Then the Provincial Minister welcomed all the capitulars, delegates and also the Student Representatives.

Address of the President
The President welcomed all those present for the chapter, wishing blessed Easter. He communicated the Fraternal blessings and prayerful closeness of General Minister.

Quoting Pope Francis “It’s from your roots that you get the strength to continue.” We have a rich root of our Franciscan tradition as lived by our ancestors. He made a mention of quotation of Mauro Johri in ‘Fan the Flame’: “Tradition is not the worship of Ashes but preserving the fire”.

He gave a call that we are to be engaged in fraternal dialogue and not just exchange ideas. Every brother should actively be involved with charity towards others, acknowledge the truth, and accept the corrections. Further quoting Reneiro Cantalamessa on the occasion of the eighth centenary of the rule of St. Francis that, “We should have correct perspective, Francis looked back and saw Christ, when we look back we see Francis, but there is enormous difference, we need to look at Christ through the eyes of Francis, because Francis fell in love with Christ Crucified”.

Wishing all success in all deliberations, with the blessings of Francis and Clare he declared the VIII Ordinary Provincial Chapter of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka, open.

Description of the Logo:
Br. Robin Victor explained the symbolic meaning of the Logo of the Chapter which was drawn by Br. Alexander Daniel.

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