In the Indian way of life religion plays an important role. Christianity is one of the religions which has flourished far and wide in our country. In our times the political scenario seems to pose before us various challenges and opportunities. Therefore it was an apt and gracious moment to host a seminar on this topic at our Darshan Institute of Theology, Bengaluru.

The Resource person, Dr. Vincent Alva, Principal of Milagris College, Udupi, on 25th August 2018, deeply enumerated and elucidated on the theme Christianity in India in present political Scenario: Opportunities and Challenges. Fr. Albert Lewis, the Dean of Studies delivered the welcome address. In the keynote address, Rev. Fr. Vincent Furtado, Dean of Studies at Kripalaya, Institute of Philosophy and Religion, brought to light in a nutshell the opportunities and challenges before us in the present context to keep alive the flame of Christianity in our mother India.

The seminar was attended by the religious men and women religious from the Kengeri Denary as well as we were privileged to have amidst us Jesuits scholastics with their administrator from Anekal. The much-awaited input sessions by the Resource person was done in two sessions. Though we are facing a turbulent political atmosphere, it’s a challenge for us to keep a vibrant and authentic lifestyle as a true Christian was made very vivid by the resource person. Tsunami, Floods are not repeated often, but they bring pain and warn us. So too we must be warned to be aware of our fundamental rights and duties enshrined in the constitutions as a true Indian. For what is the use of collecting arrows without knowing the kind of weapons others have. We will be lost if we are not prepared to face this turbulent atmosphere.

As a concluding note,he invited us to think twice before putting our hands into Spiritual invasion. Last but not the least he cautioned us in the words of a Hindu Scholar, “Do not criticize others without knowledge but criticize out of Knowledge’. Questions were raised on various issues, to which the animator clarified and posed his suggestions and reflections. Fr. Salvador Fernandes, the Rector of the Institute gave an apt concluding note to the seminar. With the institute Anthem we proceeded to the dining hall where everyone shared a fellowship meal.

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