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It is the night of our dear Saviours birth: saccidananda

With the melodies singing of carols in a colourfully lit ambience, the Nativity of our Lord Jesus was celebrated with much gladness and cheer. A good number of faithful gathered to praise God for the most precious gift of His Son as our redeemer.

The solemn Eucharist was presided over by Fr Robin Victor, the guardian and the community members joined in the concelebration. The veneration of the image of Baby Jesus took place at a beautifully made crib, which was the result of the hard work of Br Nelson, the scholastic.

After the Eucharist, all the people gathered in the dining hall for a short wishing session and to take part in the ‘home made’ kuswar, cake and wine.

Wishing you all a grace filled season of Christmas.

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