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Letter of Br. Mauro Jöhri, General Minister
Pastoral visitation by Br. Michael Fernandes

1Pushing the limits…!! Sports Day : Trinity Central School
The annual Sports day 2015 was unveiled in the campus of Trinity by Rev. Fr Fredrick Mascharenhas, Vicar Forane of Udupi deanery and the Parish Priest of our Mother of Sorrows parish, Udupi, along with Mr Maxim D’Souza and Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the Principal, in the presence of all the Trinitarians who were geared up to exhibit their guts and win glory on the battle field of sports. The event commenced with an attractive march past, the guard of honour of which was received by the chief guest, thereby declaring the sports day open.
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Students enjoy visit to police station : Vimukti Potnal
Vimukti child right clubs children visited Police Station on Thursday, 19th November, 2015 to understand the functioning of the Police Station as part of our Programme of Inquiry. Police Sub-Inspector Tippanna spoke to the children about how a police station functions. Students visited the control room, Jail, FIR room and other facilities at the Police Station. Initially the children were very serious when they entered the Police Station, but when they interacted with Sub-Inspector Tippanna, they found that the policeman are friendly and approachable.
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Constitution Day: Anugraha, Bidar:
Anugraha School at Halbarga, Bidar, celebrated Constitution Day of India on 26.11.2015. Mr. K S Chalkapure, our CRP was the Chief Guest.

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Darshan Institute of Theology, Bengaluru : INSTITUTE DAY CELEBRATION -2015 - (21.11.2015)
We the brothers and the staff members of Darshan Institute of Theology were very proud and delighted to celebrate our institute day on 21st of November 2015. The day remains as a memorable one in the academic year 2015 -16. It was a day to perform and cherish the God given talents before the public. Thanks to the Almighty for His showers of blessings. Br. Jossy Fernandes, the Rector of the institute and Br. Salvador Fernandes, the Dean of Studies along with Br. Santhosh Castelino, the events manager merit our appreciation for the success of the entire program.
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Deena Seva Ashram, Bengaluru : Blessing of the site and foundation stone of the New Crypt
“Each builder must choose with care how to build on it. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that has been laid; that foundation is Jesus Christ” (I Cor 3: 10 – 11)
Keeping in mind the words of St. Paul that Jesus Christ is the true foundation stone of our Christian life and faith the community invited Br. Dolphy Pais, the Provincial minister of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka to bless both the site for the new crypt and the foundation stone. The ceremony of the blessing was held on 23rd of November 2015 at 10.15 a.m. The place chosen for the new crypt is found just behind our Chapel. Once the new one is ready the moral remains of the friars interred in the old crypt would be shifted to it.

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Prathibha Karanji at Taluk level: Anugraha, Bidar:
Bhalki Taluk organized Prathibha Karanji at the taluk level on 21st November, 2015. Anugraha School band newly purchased was inaugurated on that day. The tiny tots with only 5 days practice came out stupendous. All the dignitaries on the stage were marveled to see the performance of these lower primary students. Kudos to the band master Mr. Chowdaiah who trained and made them fit for a function within 5 days. It was a unique chance for the students of Anugraha to play the band for the first time and that too for the entire taluk. Thank you for your encouragement and prayerful support. Do keep us in your prayers always as we do for you. God bless all of us.
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Vimukti enhances the life of an orphan Child Renuka : Vimukti Potnal
Life is a precious gift of God. We all have the duty to promote, to protect and to sustain life. Among all the beings human life considered to be the most valuable gift which we have received from God. Vimukti charitable trust from the past few years has been adding value to human lives especially to the lives of children who are poor and distressed in and around Pothnal, Raichur District for their all round development, welfare and growth. Among the many privileged Renuka is one of them. Recently it was discovered that she was suffering from incurable disease and she was in her last stage of the journey of life.
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Children’s Day celebration at St.Francis of Assisi School
On 14th November the children’s day celebration was held at St.Francis of Assisi School. Parliamentarian and Class Xth std students were warmly welcomed by the staff members with a band and showering of flowers. Making arathi and offering roses by the principal to the Parliamentarian was a symbolic sharing of love and concern of teachers and students. colours were applied on the cheeks of the students by the class teachers followed by conducting of various games. The students enjoyed the site of dances, mimes and dramas performed by the teachers.
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Diwali Celebration at St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi
On 13th November 2015 Assisians celebrated Diwali.In the morning assembly the Speech was given by 5th std student Shrinidi, beautifully explaining the significance of five days celebration of diwali followed by drama by class IXth std students. Evening was the peak time of the celebration; beautiful decoration of diyas and colorful rangoli competition made the day more glowing. The celebration ended with bursting of crackers.
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“Talent’s Time” at Darshan College
“Talents are meant to be manifested and the objective of manifestation is to render visible the “Giver” of all talents.” True to this various competitions like Pencil Sketch, Essay, Mehandi and Rangoli were held and the students to their best of capacities manifested their talents with enthusiasm. All along India’s great legend Dr. B. R. Ambedkar reined the atmosphere. Innovation, imagination and creativity was at it’s peak as different voices, different writings, different colours, different portraits, different designs & different styles made visible the unity in diversity. The Professors and Students honoured the “Father of the Constitution of India” Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in a magnificent way recalling his person and his contribution to the nation! Jai Ho! Jai Hind!
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Children’s Day along with the carnival of Lights!!! : Trinity Central School
The nation these days is soaked with festive fervour and gilded with a hue of lights. The same fest of Diwali is celebrated in the Trinitorium which was coupled with the anticipated celebration of Children’s day. A lantern competition and Paining the lamps competition too was held on the occasion. The celebration was marked with prayer of the occasion, songs and dances by the teachers for the children, message by the principal and this culminated in bursting of crackers.
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Children’s Day Celebration at Anugraha, Bidar:
On November 14th Anugraha School at Bidar celebrated Children’s Day in a grand scale. Fr. Valerian D’Souza, OFM Cap. from New Zealand was the chief guest of the function and also Sr. Flavia Castelino, RNDM was the other guest. This day was totally managed and taken care by the staff only. All the staff (teaching and non-teaching) took active part to entertain all the students. Fancy dress competition was held and the two guests were the judges for the competition. Cake was distributed to all present.
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Various Activities @ Anugraha Ashram, Harbarga, Bhalki, Bidar
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Rehabilitation of the most vulnerable Special Children of the Belthangadi Taluka : Vimukti Ujire

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Deepawali the festival of Light was celebrated with most fun and pomp fare in Vimukti office Belthangady, Laila.
B Ravishankar Director of Physical education First grade Ms. Mamtaz, Manshar School Gerukatte and Mrs Vimala President of Vimukti SHG Fedaration Were the guest for the event. Cheife guest Mr. B Ravishankar told the gathering, while busting crackers and fireballs one should not forget the real massage and meaning of Deepawali people celebrating this great festival of light must make every efforts to live as enlightened people. He Congratulated CKSK, Vimukti for organizing beautiful program including people of all religion and faith. Mrs. Mamtaz Manshar School Gerukatte elated with wonderful Deepawali celebration she said Deepawali is a fest which is loved and enjoyed by everyone it is a celebration of tolerance and brotherhood as it created opportunity to the people of all religion to celebrate the feast with joy and peace. Fr. Vinod Mascarenhas presided over the program and in his address he said Light is very important aspect of human life. It is the source of human existence as light brings in energy, life so to we need to be the light to the people around us , a ray of hope and encouragement to the needy. Youth and Children club together staged colorful cultural program.
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St. Anthony’s PU College celebrates the Karnataka Rajyotsava Day: “Elladaru Iru, Enthadaru Iru, Endendigu Kannadavagiru….”
Karnataka Rajyotsava Day was celebrated by the Anthonians of PU College for which Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Director of St. Anthony’s Institutions, was the President, and Prof. Dr. Prasanna Kumar, great scholar & writer of Kannada Literature and the Principal of Siddhaganga First Grade College, Tumkur was the Chief Guest. Prof. Dr. Prasanna Kumar who has contributed much to the Kannada Literature was felicitated by the Management. He addressed the students and enlightened them with lots of inspiring and motivational insights on how to preserve our language and culture amidst the increasing cosmopolitan scenario of Bangalore and Karnataka on the whole.

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Formation of Balika Sanghas and awareness program in various Schools at manvi taluka : Vimukti Potnal
There are many stages in human life, Infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence youth, adulthood and old age. Out of all these adolescence stage is very crucial and also important where one undergoes some physical, emotional and mental changes in one’s life. In this stage if not guided and motivated properly there is every possibility that he or she will either choose wrong path or lose the focus in life. The main objective of the program was to educate and guide the adolescent girls to understand, to accept their physical and emotional changes they are undergoing.
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Capuchin Friars Service Society Meeting - Saccidananda
The Annual General Body Meeting of Capuchin Friars Service Society ® was held at Saccidananda, Dr.Rajkumar Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560 010, on the 09th November, 2015 at 9.00 a.m. The president of the Society Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, welcomed the gathering and Fr. Joe Francis led the members into a short prayer. Secretary Fr. Robin Victor D’souza read out the minutes and the activity report of the society. Fr. Joachim D’souza, treasurer, presented the balance sheet, auditor’s report and the budget forecast. Thus president thanking the members concluded the meeting with a prayer.
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Capuchin Education Board Meeting - Saccidananda
The meeting of Capuchin Education Board was held on the 09th of November 2015, at Saccidananda. The Executive Secretary Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, welcome the members and Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, gave the key note addressed to the gathering. There were many important issues regarding the school ministry were discussed in length. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, thanked the Headmaster/Principals/Treasurers for their tireless service.
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They Bring smiles and laurels… : Trinity Central School
Four of the Trinitarians, Jayita Kotian, Prarthana, Brinelle and Viraj indeed brought a huge smile on the lips of all the Trinitarians as they carried home the laurels of success in the National Level handwriting and Colouring Contest - 2015, organized by Students Development Society, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. These students of ours are awards ‘Kala Gaurav Award 2015’ and are honoured with a medal. We are proud of them and wish them a great life ahead.
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AICS Conference: A Remarkable experience : Trinity Central School
The annual conference of the Association of ICSE and CBSE schools of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada Districts (AICS) was held at Bhuvana Jyothi Residential School, Shirtady. ‘Rethink the Principalship; Shape the Future’, was the Theme of the Conference. The two days conference attended by a number of Principals and teachers; animated by eminent speakers like Rev. Fr Denzil Lobo, SJ, Dr Gururaj Karajagi, Prof. Matthew Nainan etc., was really an enlightening experience.
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Free distribution of school materials to poor children : Vimukti Potnal
Vimukti identified 800 poor and semi orphan deserving children and encouraged them not to dropout from the school by distributing free note books, pencils, pen and other materials to the 21 surrounding village of Manvi Taluka. All the parents of the children thanked the Vimukti organization for the special concern which certainly is a morale booster to the children. Nearly 800 children benefitted from this activity.
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Children Parliment : Vimukti Ujire
Vimukti Children actively took part in the “ Children parliament” which was held in Belthangdy in collaboration with the Educational Resource center South Canara and PADI Velored Mngalore. Belthangady constituency MLA, Mr. Vasanth Bangera Presided over the program, Other officials from RTO, BEO, KSRTC, Pncayath CEO, MESCOM, Police, were present. Children from different schools and villages participated in the event in order to highlight the various problems they face everyday.
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Karnataka Rajyothsava Celebration @ St. Anthony's School, GG Halli
On 1st November our school students participated in the state level Karnataka Rajyothsava which was held at Kanteerava stadium. Around ten thousand students participated in the cultural events. Around six hundred students from our school participated and gave seven minutes dance on “Jai Karnataka Mathe” our dance was well appreciated by the Education officers. And as a token of co-operation and appreciation DDPI has given 600 books to our school library.
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Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebration at St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi.

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A nations culture resides in the heart and in the soul of the people : Culture Day at St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi.
The Assisians landed with various amusing performances on the culture day competition, with lots of enthusiasm and unique spirit they stated in their actions that we may have different religion, languages, different colored skin but we all belong to human race unknowing factors of the state like Rajasthan Goa, Maharashtra ,North East .Punjab ,Karnataka were staged so beautifully by the Assisi kids.
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Karnataka Rajyotsava Day at Anugraha, Bidar:-
Anugraha School at Bidar celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava day in a befitting manner on 1st of November, 2015 though it was a Sunday. The national flag was hoisted by Fr. Pradeep Mangali, OFM Cap. and the cubs and bulbuls staged varieties of entertainments. All together we sang Nada Geethe and the entire programme was conducted in Kannada language just to mark the importance of knowing and learning Kannada Language.
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Reopening of Second semester at St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi.
Beginning of second semester on 29th of October at st.Francis of Assisi school. The students were exuberantly happy to be present in the school. The school principal Fr.Richard thanked god for all the blessings received in the first semester and asked God to abide in everyone with a prayer followed by blessings of Staff, students, school and vehicles with a holy water.
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St.Francis of Assisi School Chikodi Staff Picnic to Yogikolla.
A day out arranged for the staff and non teaching staff to Yogi kolla and Gokak Falls. Being together brought joy to everyone and sharing together the meals brought oneness as brothers and sisters. It was an wonderful day to refresh and rejoice together after the first semester exam.
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Industrial Visit of Darshan College: A “face-à-face” experience
When theory is complemented with practice it gives better knowledge and food for innovation and creativity. Darshan College students along with the Principal, Vice-Principal and Faculty members set on to the well-known The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited, Kumbalgodu, Bangalore, which publishes and prints Deccan Herald and Prajavani and many more other periodicals. It was delighting to see how the printing press has a systematic process of production, from the four basic colours (Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta), to the moulding of the aluminium plates and then the printing, packing and dispatch. The second in the line was Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Bidadi, Bangalore. The well-furnished Security Office introduced the Company's products with a live video and all the safety instructions to be observed inside the plant.

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Confirmation, Reconciliation, & First Holy Communion @ St. Clare of Assisi church Pothnal
Fr. Anthony Raj Parish Priest St. Clare of Assisi church Pothnal had been prepared 48 children for the first Holy Communion and 51 children for confirmation with painstaking training for 8 days. 21st October 2015 they had confession as a preparation to receive these sacraments. On 22nd of October 2015 61 of our children received Jesus in their heart and they remained thankful to God. Fr. Thomas kalgadgi Assist, Parish priest assistance the children in this venture.
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Eight days of catechism camp was organized at parish premises. One hundred and twelve children were present from sixteen different villages of the Pothnal parish. This program was conducted on 14th to 20th of October, 2012. Nearly 115 children benefitted by being enriched with the wide knowledge and gained rich experience of learning innovative things through digital learning. The main purpose behind the camp was to develop and nurture the young minds rationally.
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Convergent action to strengthen community based Child Protection : Vimukti Potnal
Transformation of society through education is a long drawn process, more so in India. Despite best efforts, the tangible benefits cannot be seen but only felt at a micro level. The Vimukti charitable trust (VCT) has been the silent yet significant torchbearer of this transformation. VCT is progressing day by day and here we would like to share something very special as it laid foundation to form a new drift “CHILD RIGHT CLUBS”. It is for the first time introduced in the Panchyath of Manvi Taluka. VCT has formed child right clubs in 21 Gram panchayath.
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St Mary’s Province, New York
This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad (Psalm 118). On 12th October, 2015, St Mary’s Province, New York had a beautiful day to celebrate and to rejoice with 21 Jubilerians. Some senior brothers celebrated 70 and 60 years of Religious life, others 50 years of Priesthood and Religious life and good many brothers celebrated 25 years of Religious Life and Priesthood. Among them Fr. Henry Vas and Fr. Norbert D’Souza from India celebrated their 25 Years of Religious life. The celebration was held in St Pius the X th Church, Middle Town, Connecticut, New York. The Holy Mass was presided over by Rev. Fr. Francis Gasparick, Provincial Minister, St. Mary’s Province, New York along with brother Jubilerians and brothers of the Province. There were more than 80 brothers participated in the celebration. We have some pictures to share with you.
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CKSK meet with Multi stake holders on Issues of Rural Government Schools : Vimukti Ujire
Capuchine krishik seva Kendara (CKSK) to address the issues relating to Government schools of rural areas organized a meeting along with multi-stake holders in Vimukti office Laila. Fr. Vinod Mascaranhas presided over the program, Mr. Shailesh Kumar Mrs. Chandrakala members of Jilla Panchayath, Ms. Vimala of Taluka Panchayath member Mr. Shridhar Rao, Kishan taluk coordinator of PADI, Mr, Jakir Husen of Sngatana, Namdev the president of young challengers Shanthappa Young chalengers Mundaje, Anil Dsouza Youth club president Laila, Anthony Kripa chips Ujire, S.G Bhat PRO of Benaka Health center Ujire were present.
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Swacch Abhyan Campaign At Karbdinni School : Vimukti Potnal
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It is most necessary and important part of our lives. We know the journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step. Keeping this thought in mind the children parliament team with the collaboration of school children conducted cleanliness campaign to maintain the school environment clean, neat and tidy. Moreover, number of students joined in this noble task while cleaning the classrooms and the surrounding. Further, the school children made a firm decision that they would keep their surroundings ever clean.
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Free Cycle Distribution Programme : Vimukti Ujire
Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra in collaboration of ChildFund distributed free Cycles to 50 school going children and conducted Cycle Rally in support of Girl child Education in Belthangadi. Tasildar Mr. H. V. Prasanna inaugurated the event. Speaking to the gathering he congratulated and appreciated the capuchin Fathers for their self less service for the long years in Belthangady . Mrs. Susheela Hegde the voice president of Lions Club Belthangadi spoke at length about women empowerment.
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Birthday of our Provincial Minister - Saccidananda
On 15th October 2015, Provincial Minister Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, celebrated his 55th birthday at Saccidananada. Grand celebration began at 7.00 p.m. with a meaningful evening prayer for the occasion, followed by a short felicitation program at the dining hall. Fr. Joachim D’souza, guardian of the house welcomed the gathering and Fr. Basil Joseph, Administrator of Deena Seva Ashram, raised the toast to honor Provincial Minister. The beautiful Cake symbolizing the Care and Cooperation of the Friars to the Provincial Minister was cut by Birthday Baby to mark this special occasion. Many of our Capuchin brothers from neighboring communities along with Carmelite Fathers and Sister Provincial Minster were present. The sumptuous dinner prepared by Mr. John D’souza, kengeri, relished and appreciated by our guest brothers and sisters. The program was compered by Fr. Robin Victor D’souza.
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The Bangalore Capuchin Friars minor Society
The Annual General Body Meeting of The Bangalore Capuchin Friars Minor Society (BCFMS) ® was held at Deena Seva Ashram (DITH) Kengeri, Bangalore-560 059, on the 13th of October, 2014 at 9.30 a.m. The president of the Society Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, welcomed the gathering and Fr. Salvadore Fernandes led the members into a short prayer. Secretary Fr. Robin Victor D’souza read out the minutes and the activity report of the society. Fr. Joachim D’souza, treasurer, presented the balance sheet, auditor’s report and the budget forecast. Thus president thanking the members concluded the meeting with a prayer.
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Vimukti Charitable Trust® Governing Board meeting:
The Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) of the Vimukti Charitable Trust® (VCT) was held on 12th October 2015 at the Capuchin provincialate, Saccidananda Bangalore. The President welcomed the members and The Executive secretary Bro. Robin Victor D’souza presented one year’s Annual report achievements, challenges and recommendations for the future plan for the smooth functioning of the organizations. Fr. Joachim D’Souza, the Treasurer presented the Annual Budget and forecast budget of 2015-16. The President in his concluding remakes expressed that it was an occasion to know each other, an opportunity to share the views of the areas concerned and not to find complete solution for problems but to make an attempt.
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St. Michael Church at Hidkal Dam, Belgaum celebrated its annual feast on 1st October 2015 with a grand scale. Prior to the feast 3 days of intense spiritual preparation beginning with the flag hoisting marked the celebration. On novena days the celebrants gave a inspiring sermons on forgiveness, peace and harmony, unity in the family. On the day of feast Rev.Bro. Dolphy Pais, Provincal of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, was the main celebrant and preached a very inspiring sermon during the mass. Priests, Nuns, people from different substations, parishes participated in this event. Soon after the mass we had a short procession. After which PCM and Youth conducted the game. Sumptuous non-veg meal was served to all after the game.
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St. Francis of Assisi Church, Halbargha in Gulbarga Diocese
The Gulbarga Diocese has four Districts Namely Gulbarga, Yadgir, Bijapu, and Bidar. Bidar has three zones namely Bidar, Bhalki, Basavakalyan and St. Francis of Assisi Church (Anugraha Halbarga) Bidar comes under Bhalki Zone. Infant Jesus shrine in Bhalki is one of the famous shrines of the Gulbarga Diocese and thousands of people gather together for the Bhalki Jathra in the 2nd week of November every year. In memory of this event there are different types of competitions in zones in all the districts. Bhalki Zonal level Youth Competition was held on 11 October 2015 at Bhalki.
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Capuchin bros. in Belgaum

Parents Teachers’ Meet cum Mid-Term Results : Trinity Central School
Having answered the mid-term examinations the students and the parents were naturally anxious to know the results. Hence, before the vacations could commence, the school announced the results on three consecutive days for lower kindergarten, higher sections and high school students respectively. The three days’ programme was well organized with input sessions by eminent resource persons about parenting, academics and present challenges that parents and students face, announcements by the principal about the various imminent events, open day and the announcement of the results. Thus, the curtains were drawn on the first term of the academic year 2015- ’16.
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A great number of Trinitarians form the group of both Scouts and Guides. The student members of these groups along with their guides and masters landed in Someshwara Nisargadhama which is a part of Someshwara reserve forest for a day’s experience in the woods. The day unfolded with a lot of adventures and activities, learning of life saving skills, fun and frolic and eventually culminated in the trekking into the jungle daring the rain the blood sucking leaches. Nonetheless, the Trinitarians emerged triumphant with all smiles and cheers at the end of the day; a few with tears, bruises and leach bites though. It was worth an experience.
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Karunalaya Trust Meeting at Karunalaya – Brahmavar
On the 09th of October 2015 the annual general body of Karunalaya Trust held at 10. a.m at Karnunalaya Ashram. The chief Trustee Rev; Fr. Josephy Dolphy Pais welcomed the Trust members and Rev; Fr. Johnson D’mello invoked the blessings by a short prayer. Fr. Manohar D’souza, Provincial Spiritual Assistant, Sr. Jaya M, Director of Karunalaya Ashram, Fr. Prakash Lobo and other zonal presidents of different wards of Mangalore and Udupi Diocese were present for the meeting.
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ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI BHAVAN : Trinity Central School
The Trinity Family gathered together in front of a beautiful and well-built multipurpose shelter for its blessing and inauguration. Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the principal lead us into prayer of blessing as the choir chanted ‘showers of blessings’. The three pretty angels who celebrated their birthday cut the ribbon and officially threw the structure open for use. This is a small extension named after our patron St Francis of Assisi, which could be used for various purposes of the school.
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GEARED UP! : Trinity Central School
The senior students of Trinity were literally geared up to show how well they can disguise themselves as saints, scientists, astronauts, vendors, pirates, statues and many more. Of course! It is only for the fancy dress competition held in the ‘Trinitorium’. It was like a refreshing oasis after the rough desert winds of mid term examinations!
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Fr. Vijesh Menezes Birthday Celebrated... : Trinity Central School
October 3rd was indeed a joyous occasion for the Trinity Family of Perampally as it rejoiced with Fr. Vijesh Menezes, the Vice principal of the school who celebrated his gift of life. Though it was a Saturday, a day busy with activity classes the teachers and the students made a point to wish their beloved vice principal after the completion of activity classes. The small celebration began with Fr. Anil D’Costa, the principal, speaking his heart out through his words of appreciation to Fr. Vijesh for all that he does to the school.
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Feast of St. Francis of Assisi - Saccidananda
October 4, Saccidananda, the Capuchin Provincialate, celebrated the feast day our founder and seraphic Father St. Francis of Assisi. The Holy Eucharist began at 7.a.m. and Rev. Fr. Andrew Anil Sequeira was the main celebrant of the Eucharist. The celebrant in his inspiriting homily stressed the relevance of St. Francis of Assisi even today. He further said that his message has perennial relevance and influence on all sections of the people of the universe. The superior of Saccidananda community, Fr. Joachim D’souza, thanked the celebrant and all the faithful for the thoughtful presence.
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Solemn celebration of the feast of our father Francis at Darshan Institute of Theology Bengaluru
A prayerful enactment of Transitus was held at our mini hall on 3rd of October at 6 pm as the prayerful preparation for the feast of our father Francis. The recent encyclical “Laudato si’” of Pope Francis created an upsurge of feeling with a poignant reminder on the care for our common home. Taking St. Francis as the patron of ecology, our good Pope brings out that close bond that existed between Francis and nature and it was quite fitting to reflect on the theme “Laudato si” as we partook in the Transitus of our Seraphic Father, St. Francis.
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Feast of St. Francis at Anugraha, Halbarga, Bidar:-
Anugraha Ashram, Halbarga Bidar, celebrated the feast of its founder and patron St. Francis of Assisi on 4th October, 2015. After the solemn procession to Halbarga city, the Eucharist was celebrated by the bishop of Gulbarga Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Michael Miranda accompanied by 20 priests and around 350 faithful. Cultural programme coupled with felicitation for the dignitaries followed thereafter. A sumptuous chicken meal was served to all the faithful gathered.

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Teachers’ Day Celebration at Taluka Level:- Anugraha, Halbarga, Bidar:-
On Saturday 3rd October, 2015, Bhalki Taluk in Bidar district celebrated teachers’ day in a grand scale. Nearly 2,500 teachers from 300 schools of Bhalki Taluka took part in the programme. Anugraha School was asked to stage a prayer dance and also the scouts & guides (cubs & bulbuls of Anugraha) had to perform one more dance. Though there are nearly 300 schools in Bhalki district our school was chosen by the BEO. The MLA congratulated the students and also the school management. It was a unique chance for the students of Anugraha to perfor for such a great and qualified audience. Praise the Lord.

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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration at Anugraha, Halbarga, Bidar:-
On 2nd of October, Anugraha School at Halbarga, Bidar celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi in a unique way. As this day was marked as “Bharath Swacha Din” last year by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this year it is the anniversary day. To keep up the promise that the Anugraha students took last year to maintain the surroundings clean and green, this year too they went ahead with additional responsibilities. The main road and the adjacent shops and the petrol station saw the scouts and guides cleaning and also inviting them to join. All the 208 scouts & guides - cubs & bulbuls took oath once again to maintain everything including their own houses clean and green.

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Celebration of Girl Child Day : Vimukti Potnal
“When we want a mother, a sister, and a wife to be with us always, why not a daughter too? The choice you make today will definitely affect your tomorrow”…………
The Vimukti charitable trust® Pothnal organized a memorable occasion of ‘Girl child Day’ at VCT center on 20th September, 2015. The guests were welcomed with due respect and honor through Indian cultural style of arathi. A meaningful session of interaction was held between the rural girls and the guest speakers. Focusing on the importance of the day chief guest in her speech said, “do what you can, for whom can, with what you have, and where you can’. And further she…..added that girl child is also God’s precious gift to the family and to the community.
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Construction of the Guest house in a speedy progress : Vimukti Potnal
The Guest house construction work is in a speedy progression under the leadership of Vimukti Director Fr. Sathish Fernandes and with the support and timely guidance of Fr. Alwyn Dias Vicar Provincial and Fr. Victor Robin D’Souza, the Province Administrator. Major works of construction has been completed in the past few days. The plumbing, wiring, cementing, wash room construction, soak-pit works are yet to be completed. As the work is progressing in full swing there is an assurance that the entire construction of guest house will be completed by upcoming December for the inaugural function.
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Darshan College becomes E-Campus with New Electronic Lab:
Darshan College is blessed with New Electronic Lab for the students of Bachelor of Computer Applications. The newly born babe “BCA” at Darshan College welcomes additional new arrivals of the Digital Trainer Kits as well as the IC Trainer Instruments in its abode. The Director Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias along with the Principals, Vice-Principals, Staff and Students of BCA invoked God’s Blessings and inaugurated the Neo-Computer Lab. This Lab is dedicated to the First Batch of Students of BCA for their trust and confidence in the institution.
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It was a great day of joy for the Capuchin Friars of Sri Lanka on 23rd of September 2015 to celebrate the feast of St.Padre Pio the patron saint of Sri Lankan Capuchin Delegation. On this occassion six of our Capuchin Brothers from Pakistan made their First Profession. The festal mass was celebrated in St. Pio Friary Chapel, Mavila, Nattandiya of Chilaw Diocese. Many Priests and Religious of neighbouring community and also good many number of benefactors, freinds and well wishers attended the festal mass. Very Rev. Fr. Chaminda Fernando, Vicar General and Episcopal Vicar for Religious of Chilaw Diocese was the cheif celebrant of the festal mass.
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The meeting for Superiors & Parish Priest
The meeting for Superiors & Parish Priest was held on the 18th September Shanthi Sadhana (FISI), Bangalore.

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The Annual Retreat for Superiors/Parish Priest/Rectors/Directors
The Annual Retreat for Superiors/Parish Priest/Rectors/Directors was held from 14th to 18th of September at Shanthi Sadhana (FISI), Bangalore. The Retreat began on the 14th noon with the Holy Eucharist & introductory talk. Preacher Rev. Fr. Maxim Rasquinha SJ, initiated the retreatants to relive and revitalize our Religious way of life, to bring change first in oneself. There were 48 participants from different houses who made their annual retreat.
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New dustbin is made available to the Government Schools : Vimukti Potnal
Practically Pothnal surrounding Government School had no dustbin in their school compound, so the children used to throw the filthy and wastage on the main roads. As result the passersby had to cover their nose due to bad stench and also notice the garbage everywhere on the road. Children's parliament of that locality identified this issue, discussed about this in their meeting and reported it to the school headmaster. Surprised by the initiatives taken by the children, the school administration board supported the children and engaged the matter with Vimukti center.
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A Day for HINDI - Hindi Divas : Trinity Central School
The department of Hindi Language of Trinity Central School hosted the ‘Hindi Divas’, a day to show off our skills in Hindi language under the leadership of Ms Poornima. Various competitions in Hindi were held previously in the school for different sections of students and today being the culmination the prizes were distributed for those who stood out. We had Mr Hamjadh, an advocate and members of PTA along with Mr Maxim D’Souza, another distinguished member of PTA were present as the guests of honour alongside Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the Principal.
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Teachers Day celebration at St. Francis of Assisi School, Chikodi.
A Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and Touches a Heart.
Students of St.Francis of Assisi School, organized a programme to celebrate teacher’s day in a unique fashion. “ The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes and inspires his listener with the wish to teach himself.” Teachers were brought solemnly with a band followed by honoring them with a roses as well as showering of flowers. Class IX students conducted a various games on the ground; it entertained the teachers as well as created positive competitive spirit.
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Teacher’s Day at St. Anthony’s & Darshan College:
Come September 5th it’s a memoria of the Birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the Second President of India, Academician, Philosopher and one of the great Leaders of the nation who dedicated his day in honor of Teachers of the past, present and of the future. He described that the best teacher is the one who teaches from heart and not from the book. Evidently our teachers are the people who have made us what we are today. Karl A. Menninger once said, “What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”
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"Let us celebrate with joy the birth of the blessed Virgin Mary that she may intercede for us with our Lord Jesus Christ."
The nativity of Mother Mary, popularly known as ‘Monthi Fest’, has a unique quality of fetching all Christians under one big roof for celebration. Since this feast falls on the season of the harvest, it is termed as the feast of new harvest. This year the parishioners of St, Micheal Church, Hidkal Dam and Sacred heart Church, Gokak falls witnessed same monti fest.
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Glowing Tech Fest in St.Francis of Assisi School 2015
APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Science Exhibition.

“To Succeed in your mission, you must have single minded devotion to your goal”- [APJ Abdul Kalam]
The celebration began with a warm welcoming of the chief guest of the day Prof.Ramdas Pai and the teachers (parents of our children) by Fr.Richard the principal followed by special reverence to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam by making pooja by Ambi sir. The highlights of the day was felicitating the teachers (parents of our children) with a rose flower and small gift as a symbol or our love and respect towards them.
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Dressed Well, Done Well!! : Trinity Central School
The little Trinitarians participated in the fancy dress competition with an overflowing enthusiasm. There were mother Theresas, Gandhijis, police men and doctors; flowers, plants and fruits; tigers, bears and cats. Each one looked better than the other giving a tough time for the judges to determine who could be the winners. It was a feast to the eyes to behold them so graceful.
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Sneha Jyothi Vidyalalya-Potnal
09-09-2015 was really a colorful day for Sneha Jyothi Vidyalalya. on this day we had PRATIBA KARANJI in our school , where more than 20 schools participated in various cultural programs, we being the hosts of the day were able to get maximum prizes. The Day was really a memorable one. For this function Fr. Joe Francis was the Chief Guest and Sri Viswanth Patil (J .P Member Raichur) was the Guest of honour.
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Children parliament members celebrate Teacher’s Day at Muddammaguddi village: Vimukti Potnal
Dear loving Teacher, you are a source of inspiration and strength for me...
Children parliament members from Muddammaguddi village celebrated Teachers day with great pomp and in a festive way. Mrs. Arogyamma, Miss. Kavitha, Mrs. Anapurnswri, Mr. Ramanna, the school teachers and student’s representatives were the chief guests of the day were present on the dais. Children parliament president Sandesh anchored the programme. The felicitation event began with the lighting of the lamp followed by student representative’s speech. In the speech Kiran the student representative said that the Teachers play a vital role in forming the students to be responsible citizens of tomorrow and leading them towards their brighter future.
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Monthi Fest at Anugraha, Halbarga, Bidar:-
September 8th is a special day for all the Mangalorean Catholics wherever they are. Even in Bidar at Anugraha Church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi under the care of Capuchin Friars celebrated it in a befitting manner. Besides, Monthi Fest celebration we had the newly elected parish council was established on this occasion. 37 children between the age group of 1- 10 were baptized and made catholic by Msgr. Stany Lobo, the vicar general of Gulbarga Diocese.

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Monthi Fest – Saccidananda- Bangalore
Bangalore, September 08: On the 08th of September as the Mother Church Celebrates the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, the community of Saccidanand, Capuchin Provincialate of the Holy Trinity Province – Karnatak, along with the faithful celebrated this traditional feast in a very grand scale. The celebration began at 7.00 a.m. in front of the Portico, main celebrant of the Ceremony Fr. Andrew Anil Sequeira, welcomed faithful to honor mother Mary.
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Celebration of the Feast of the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary at Kripalaya- Mysore.
On the eve of nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, Kripalaya brothers had conducted nine days of novena prayer service, starting from 31st August, 2015. It commenced with great spiritual enthusiasm and culminated with a grand finale. The last novena prayer service was held in the open area of our Kripalaya garden surrounded by beautiful greenery, at the foot of Mother Mary’s grotto. It was a perfect ambience of eco-spirituality and nature meditation, reflecting upon the virtuous life of our blessed Mother Mary.
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Spiritual Guidance : Vimukti Potnal
(A Man was arrested and booked under POCSO ACT for raping and impregnating 15 year old girl)

Spirituality enhances life. It boosts the shattered or the week soul. Spiritual guidance is the most effective means where one may benefit maximum of it in the journey of life. Timely spiritual guidance can heal one’s deepest problems and add value to human life. So it is unique and special. Recently in a nearby village a minor girl was allegedly raped. The Girl had a traumatic experience and she too was emotionally disturbed. It took her almost a long time to come out of this bad experience which was bothering her so much. This type of violence especially against the minors is one of the classic examples for the degradation of human life and its value.
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Teachers’ Day at Anugraha, Halbarga, Bidar:-
Anugraha School at Halbarga, Bidar, celebrated Teachers’ Day in a grand manner on 5th September, 2015. Fr. Cyril Lobo, from Kawdiyal Retreat Centre was the chief guest. Sr. Benny D’Souza, UFS from Chaitanya Convent and Mr. Kumar A R from Bangalore were the other guests and also served as judges for the dance competitions. The school children though tiny took charge of the whole day dressed liked the teachers performed to the best. Congratulations.

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News Archive

  Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka   

On 8 December 2008 the General Definitory by its Decree Prot. No. 00999/98 constituted and declared established the Most Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka. By the same Decree the General Definitory appointed Br. Vincent Gabriel Furtado as the new Provincial Minister, Br. John Baptist Sequeira as the first Definitor and Provincial Vicar, Br. Patrick Crasta, Edwin Colaco and Rudolf D'Souza as the 2, 3, and 4 Definitors respectively.



Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


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