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Annual General Body Meetings of Societies and Trusts
The Annual General Body Meetings of different Societies and Trusts under the Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka were held on different dates in different venues. The general body members of the societies and trusts spent quality time together to assess the activities of the units and to deliberate on the financial matters.

The meetings were schedules as follows:
1. Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra, Ujire 13.10.2018
2. Sruvit Capuchin Trust, Herur 29.10.2018
3. Monthu Mary Coventhu Devaru, Farangipet 06.11.2018
4. St Fidelis Friary Trust, Farangipet 06.11.2018
5. Athma Jyothi Trust, Mangalore 06.11.2018
6. St Anne’s Friary Trust, Mangalore 07.11.2018
7. Mangalore Capuchin Friars Minor Society, Mangalore 07.11.2018
8. Capuchin Publication Trust, Mangalore 07.11.2018
9. Vimukthi Charitable Trust, Bangalore 10.11.2018
10. Capuchin Friars Service Society, Bangalore 11.11.2018
11. The Bangalore Capuchin Friars Minor Society, Bangalore 13.11.2018

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