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Sneha Jyothi Vidyalaya
children's day Celebration

The children's day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal in sneha jyothi vidyalaya. The student representatives from each class were escorted to the stage by the honorable head master along with the school band. The program started with the welcome speech presented by Sr .Apoline and then the portrait of former PM Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was honored. On the special occasion which was completely dedicated to children , a short prayer was organised which was followed by the wishing song. Students came forward with speeches, while the head master expressed his feelings and love towards the students. The students enjoyed the dance performed by the teachers and another attraction was a comedy skit exhibited by the staff. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Mahesh expressed his thoughts and motivated children to do their best in life. Games were conducted by class teachers and the winners were presented gifts and a token of love. A special lunch was arranged by the management and staff for the students. Eventually the most lovable Children's day took a wind up while the asst .Head master presented the vote of thanks.

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